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Easy Ways To Tell The Earth Is Not Flat

Since the human race first put vessels on the ocean to explore, there has been a long-standing debate. It may very well be the longest in history. That debate, ladies and gentlemen is the argument over whether the Earth is round or flat.

You are probably shaking your head as you read this, but there are people who believe that the ‘round Earth’ is a conspiracy by the world’s governments. While they may think their data is sound, here are a few simple ways you can tell the Earth isn’t flat:

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1. Look Upwards

This isn’t hard to do and requires simply leaving your home during the night and gazing at the sky. Take in the stars and consider what you see. Do you see the same constellations above your home that you did when you were in Australia?

Polaris and the North Star cannot be seen from the Southern hemisphere. So if the Earth were flat, people from Australia to Greenland would see the same stars every night.

2. Watch an Eclipse

While a solar eclipse is an interesting sight to behold, it is the lunar eclipse that helps prove the roundness of our planet. Here’s how: as Earth moves between the sun and moon, a shadow of our planet is projected onto the lunar surface by the sun’s light.

You’ll know a lunar eclipse if you’ve ever seen the moon look orange. And it’s likely that the shadow you saw did not look like a line across the moon’s surface.

When you consider a solar eclipse that only serves to reinforce the idea the Earth is round. If there Earth is so flat and objects simply hover above us, then Flat Earthers should have no problem explaining the solar eclipse that was cast over North America in August 2017, which they likely cannot.

3. Climb a Tree

Another argument flat-earthers cannot seem to refute is the perspective part of a round Earth. If the planet were truly flat, our perspective would be exactly the same regardless of your elevation. A flat surface would mean you could see the lights of a city more than 2,000 miles away from you.

Since we live on a spherical object that is impossible. The planet’s curvature constricts our sight to 3.1 miles but can be further depending on whether you’re standing on a large tree or building.

4. Take around-the-world flight

Round-the-world flights might require dropping a couple of thousand dollars, but firms like AirTreks, specialize in routes with multiple stops. There’s no need to retrace your steps to where your adventure began.

At a high enough altitude and with the right commercial flight, you might see the curvature of the Earth with just your eye.

A 2008 paper published in Applied Optics states that “the Earth’s curve becomes subtly visible at an altitude of around 35,000 feet, as long as the observer has at least a 60-degree field of view (which may be difficult from a passenger plane window). The curvature becomes more readily apparent above 50,000 feet; passengers on the now-ground supersonic Concorde jet were often treated to a view of the curved horizon while flying at 60,000 feet.”

5. Get a Weather Balloon

University of Leicester students conducted an experiment in January 2017 in which they attached cameras to a weather balloon to observe as it ascended. After reaching a height of 77,429 feet (23.6 kilometers), it was no problem seeing the curvature of the big blue planet. Needless to say, the footage was absolutely breathtaking.

It is completely legal to release a weather balloon, so long as its payload does not exceed four pounds. Check with the FAA before launch to ensure your balloon does not drift into restricted airspace.

With all the advancements in technology and the way we travel, its mind boggling that there are still people in the world who genuinely believe that the Earth is flat. Rapper B.O.B. has already started a campaign to fund a rocket launch for the sole purpose of proving the flat earth ‘hypothesis.’

They reject the findings of conventional science while trying to use that very science to prove their own point. What do you think of the idea of a flat Earth? Is it possible? Or is just some weird notion from a 90s era action sci-fi movie?

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