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His Wife Was Bearing Five Babies, Then Doctors Called Him Aside

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You never know what to expect when you are expecting. And this is a story just to prove that saying. Nothing beats that feeling when you hols your child in your arms for the first time. Imagine doing that for fives times in just one day. Paul Servat was a father-to-be of quintuplets.

Instead of welcoming his five babies to this world, Paul had to deal with a shocking and devastating truth. Nothing could prepare him for the news that he got on his most awaited day. Discover what was Paul’s reaction.

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1. The Father-To-Be

Pauls Servat from Canada is in his mid-thirties. His home was based in Montreal and loved living his life surrounded with friends and family. However, something was still missing. Seeing his friends married and with children couldn’t help.

Paul realized that he wants to build a family of his own. So, he was at the pick of his career, and he knew that he is capable enough to handle family’s needs. He just had to find his soul mate.

2. Let’s Match

Thanks to the technology finding a soul mate wasn’t that challenging. Therefore, it was enough to find the right dating site. Back in 2013 he met a woman named Barbara Bienvenue. Paul won Barbara by simply using his humor skills to bring laughter in her life every day.

They both believed that they had no time for long courtship. They have waited for too long on each other. Therefore, they meet in Montreal and clocked immediately. They begun dating.

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3. Honey, I Have News!

They were dating for two moths when Barbara called Paul and told him that they have something serious to talk about. Paul had no idea what she is about to say, as they were at the earliest stage of their relationship.

Barbara was smiling when she told him the news. Although this was a happy moment for Paul he was slightly in shock/ But, soon after he was smiling as well. He was overjoy of becoming a father.

4. Father’s Happiness

Paul was so happy that he is about to become a father. A few months ago he was thinking about starting his own family and now that was happening. Simply said, he couldn’t be happier.

The couple shared their happiness with their closest friends and family. There was even a celebration to express how much happy they are for new events in their life. From that day on, the countdown began.

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5. From One To Five

Paul wanted to be there for her so he asked her to move with him. Soon after they begun living together. They loved their days together. Paul was there for her in every second, and when he couldn’t he had his friends or family staying with her. The main reasons for it was her rapid weight gain and strong morning sickness.

With bigger belly and stronger sickness Barbara had to undergo checkup. She brought some big news with her. Barbara told Paul that they are going ot have not one child, but FIVE!

6. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Having quintuplets is so rare, and Barbara and Paul were blessed with this phenomenon. He was waiting for family for years and know he has it all. Even more. More than he ever expected. When the first wave of joy fade the real life question kicked in – how much money do you need to feed quintuplets?

An average income is enough to start a family in the States. Paul was one of those people who could afford it. But his income wasn’t enough to support quintuplets. Therefore, their support system including family and friends decided to step in. The preparation has begun.

7. Media Buzz

It is so easy to spread the word these days. It’s all about social media. Paul had his friends and co-workers to help him with a Facebook page for the quintuplets. Simply, Paul shared their story and used the page to document Barbara’s pregnancy. He humbly asked for sponsorship.

The Facebook page worked. Paul and Barbara got support from friends, family, and even local businesses in their community. They showed their gratitude by posting photos of gifts. They wanted everyone to know that their efforts are paying off.

8. Pregnancy Is Going Great

The pair couldn’t hide their happiness with every passing day. They were so happy. Paul was there to help Barbara with everything, whenever she asked for something. He was tolerate on her mood swings and treated her like a queen.

They spend their time settling and decorating babies room. It is not an easy task to organize one space for five babies. Also, that was the best way to speed up the time until the due day.

9. Moments To Remember

Everyone was ready to welcome quintuplets. Therefore, family and friends were always around to help with anything. Paul’s parents were ecstatic, they couldn’t wait to meet their grandchildren. In addition, Paul’s mother was with Barbara whenever Paul couldn’t.

Also, they kept their word of regularly saying ‘thank you’ to the people who send them gifts. Barbara let Paul picked the babies name. It seemed that they were happy and ready to welcome babies.

10. The Date

The water broke in her 34th week. In general, a full-term pregnancy consists of 37 weeks. When her water broke, Barbara was hysterical, but Paul knew that he needs to stay calm.

Paul grabbed their things and took his girlfriend in the direction of the hospital. His family accompanied them as well. Finally, the day that he waited for so long has arrived.

11. Checkup

Doctors reacted fast when Barbara arrived. The first thing that was worrying, was the fact that she wasn’t in labor or pain. Therefore, she was checked up immediately and the doctor performed an ultrasound.

Those moments seemed like forever to Paul. He was outside and waiting for great news. When the doctor came, Paul was surprised at the expression on his face. He looked rather confused and worried.

12. The Labor Confusion

Paul’s heart skipped a beat. Was there something wrong with the babies? He didn’t know what was wrong but he could felt it. Doctor and nurses were tense. He approached the doctor. He was also ready to hear the worse.

Paul and doctor stepped aside. The doctor was shaky. He wasn’t sure where to start. Then, like a sword, his words went straight to Paul’s heart. His mind was in shock and his heart almost stopped.

13. What Was Wrong?

Paul couldnt believe what doctor was saying to him. His mind didn’t want to accept it. Ever. Barbara was still in the emergency room, while friends and family were outside, waiting for safe delivery of quintuplets.

Paul was shocked when doctor told him that there were no babies. Barbara was not pregnant. How that happened? Was is even possible? Barbara was not pregnant in the first place.

14. The Signs

In last nine months Paul had two shocks. The first one, he will be a daddy of quintuplets. The second one, there were no babies at the first place. His life torn apart with just one sentence. He was with her for nine months, he saw her belly grew and he saw every morning sickness and mood swing. She had milk as well. Everything seemed normal. So, how this went wrong?

Than it hit him. It was all her doing’s. He never went to the clinic with her. She always went alone. With each check-up the number of babies grow. First it was twins, than she told him that she is expecting triplets. The following story included four babies. Then it became five eventually. He felt like an idiot. Then he learned about the truth.

15. State Of Shock

Paul was shocked to the core. All those months of thrill, excitement, preparation and joy suddenly meant nothing. They were living under one roof in a big lie. He had no idea that Barbara is not pregnant. He saw signs with his own eyes.

He had photos from Facebook to prove that she was pregnant. Her belly grow each day. No one close to them suspected that there was no baby. But, it turned out that one person did suspect and had a feeling that Barbara is lying.

16. It Takes One To Know One

Genevieve Laflamme was the first person to suspect that there may be something strange with Barbara’s pregnancy. She recently gave birth to triplets. She decided to remain silent, because she didn’t want to ruin Paul’s happiness and excitement.

Genevieve wittingly choose to shut-down her intuition and go with the Barbara’s story. Moreover, she was the first one to help Barbara with sponsorship guidance and financial support. Furthermore, she connected Barbara and Paul with a nice number of generous folks who sponsored the diapers for her triplets. When she learned about new no-babies situation she regretted her decision of keeping silent.

17. Living With Lies

Paul wasn’t the only one who was hurt with the news. Everyone who supported them was shocked, including his parents, friends, and relatives. Everyone was in a state of shock. Co-workers that helped with launching Facebook page were in shock. Everyone was disappointed.

Paul was in love and caught up with the idea of becoming a father that he couldn’t see beyond that. He couldn’t think of any reason why the woman he loved and trusted would do such a monstrous thing. Soon after he learned that he wasn’t the only one.

18. Family Ties

Paul never meet anyone from Barbara’s side of the family. During their relationship they never talking about it as they should. She just said that she doesn’t want to talk about her relatives and he respected her secrecy. However, he knew that she was from Quebec.

When the trick came out, Paul was approached by a relative of Barbara and told Paul that he wasn’t the first one to be fooled. He also learned that Barbara cut ties with them because of her unusual behavior. They were wrecked to know that she did again the same thing.

19. The Truth Beneath

The relative, who wanted to stay anonymous, told Paul that Barbara had an boyfriend who suffered the same fate as him. She also told that man that she was pregnant with twins. Just like with Paul, the ex-couple had raised funds to prepare for the coming of the babies. But in the end, lies were exposed. Barbara left her hometown and relatives for sure that she wont do the same thing again.

At the hospital, the doctor was talking with Paul about phantom pregnancy. It seemed that Barbara was a victim as well. Phantom pregnancy happens without any control of the person. At the same time the person experiences identical symptoms like if there were really pregnant. The women he loved needs deeper understanding and medical attention.

20. The Outcome

People were wondering if Barbara hid the false pregnancy or not. However, that is the question without the answer at the moment. The fact is that Barbara suffers from a very serious mental disease and it must be treated with proper medications and therapy.

Paul decided to let everyone know what happened and to return every gift that they have received. At the moment, Paul is mourning the loss of his wife and babies, while Barbara Bienvenue is undergoing psychiatric treatment.

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