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Most Beautiful Quotes By Nelly Sachs

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On December 10th in 1891, the world welcomed the birth of future Nobel prize winner in literature, Nelly Sachs.

Sachs was a German-Swedish poet and playwright, originally born in a Jewish family. The majority of her work is oriented around Nazis is World War II and the effect that their action had on her life in Europe.

In a short period of time, she become a spokesperson for the grief and suffering of her fellow Jewish people. Her most famous work is play named ‘Eli: Ein Mysterienspiel vom Leiden Israels (1950).’

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She was born in Berlin and in her home town, she studied dance and literature. In the same surrounding, she began publishing her poetry in German newspapers as an adolescent.

Once the Nazis overtook the power in Berlin the city was no longer safe for Jewish family and Nelly fled to Sweden with her mother (her father passed away a years earlier), just a week before she was to be sent to a forced Jews-labor camp.

Life in Sweden was difficult for them. They lived in a one-room apartment and she had to support her and her elderly mother. Therefore, she started working as a translator and had to learn Swedish.

Over the next few decades, she published a significant amount of plays and poems. Each work was about the aftermath of the war or about horrible times and struggle that Jewish people had in concentration camps.

She used a hard time of people during World War II to tell their stories and to glorify their stories and life. Living in a time that was so deeply marked with pain and suffers wasn’t easy, but Sachs managed to help people through her work.

Her prestigious work was rewarded a numerous number of times. She won many awards for her work, but the top two that include the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1966 and the 1965 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. In honor of fantastic Nelly Sachs, here are some of her most meaningful quotes.

Nelly Sachs Quotes

1.“You, the inexperienced, who learn nothing in the nights. Many angels are given you, But you do not see them.”

2.“But silence is where victims dwell.”

3.“Bewitched is half of everything.”

4.“To me, a fairy tale seems to have become a reality.”

5.“World, they have taken the small children like butterflies and thrown them, beating their wings, into the fire…”

6.“We breathed the air of freedom without knowing the language or any person.”

7.“Death was my teacher, metaphors are my wounds.”

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