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Rare Albino Animals You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

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Albino animals may look cute to us, but for other animals, in the wild, they usually look like an easy target. Their whiteness makes them prime targets, meaning that their life is frequently in danger. Simply said, albino aminals just don’t have it easy.

These unique animals have complete or partial loss of pigmentation that makes them white. Moreover, albino animals have been spotted from all over the world, from seas to the skies. Read on to discover more about albinism in animals, and check out these 20 (rare) and breathtaking albino animals in the world.

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20. Albino Alligator

Alligators are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Strong movement, big teeth, and scary eyes make them look terrifying. But, they look opposite when they are completely white, right?

Albino alligators lack melanin in their skin. Without a proper amount of melanin alligator’s eyes come with milky coloring and dense eyes which look pink. There only 12 of these alligators in the world.

19. Albino Humpback Whale

There is only one albino humpback whale in the world. He is known as Migaloo. First spotted in 1991, Migaloo became an instant sensation. He is mostly seen in Australia.

This exceptional humpback whale can be seen during the east coast migration season. In the meantime, you can follow his ocean adventures on his website and Twitter account.

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18. Albino Zebra

This is one of the rarest animals in the world. They can be found mostly in wild parts of Kenya and Tanzania. Interestingly, they are discovered just a few years ago. More interesting is the fact that they are all the time with non-albino zebras. They are just part of the gang.

Until 2005 we had no idea that they exist. Actually, we still don’t know how many of them are there. But, we do know that they live around 25 years.

17. Albino Kiwi

The world’s only White Kiwi is simply named – Manukura. She was born at the National Wildlife Centre Pukaha, New Zealand, on 1 May 2011. Ever since people have been mesmerized by this small bird.

Manukura is pure white, which makes her non-albino, but a product of two rare genes. This albino kiwi is the extraordinary progeny of two parents who carry the recessive white feather gene.

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16. Albino Wallaby

Wallabies are generally seen in brown or grey color. But, they are occasionally albino or white. The most famous albino wallaby is simply named – Joey.

Joey has a permanent residence at the United Kingdom’s Linton Zoo. It is believed that his mother came from Australia. This grown-up wallaby with white skin and pink eye still tries to squeeze into its mother’s bag.

15. Albino Raccoon

Raccoons are easy to spot. Even if you don’t want to see them near your home they will find a way to introduce themselves. But how often, in those encounters, you have met a white raccoon? Probably not too often.

Albino raccoons are extremely rare. Unfortunately, they are often killed by predators as soon as they are born. Luckily, you can get to see one of them every day if you just use #raccoonsofinstagram. Sassy is one of the rare alive albino raccoons. Bear in mind that experts don’t recommend keeping raccoons as pets, even if they are white.

14. Albino Gorilla

Snowflake lost his dark-fur family members when a farmer in Equatorial Guinea killed them. He survived because of his unusual color. However, a primatologist bought the gorilla from the farmer and took the animal to the Barcelona Zoo.

Snowflake was loved by the city. He lived in Barcelona Zoo for 40 years. During that time he was given many nicknames, but Snowflake stuck. He had a full life with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

13. Screech Owl

It must be difficult for a creature of the night to be so easily spotted. That’s how Luna was found. During a one man’s hike. At the time when a hiker was passing by, Luna was fledgling. Rescuers couldn’t find the nest, so they took her to a wildlife center.

This owl does not have albinism, but leucism. This genetic mutation leaves eyes the usual color, while the feathers are a dazzling white. Leucistic birds have a difficult time finding mates and they cannot camouflage themselves. Therefore, they are usually kept in sanctuaries.

12. Albino Peacock

We all know how showy peacock is. After all, it is hard not to be with so many diverse colors and shades. But, what if a peacock appears only in one color? They would be still stunning, probabaly. But, are they albino 100%?

This phenomenal bird is not a true albino. It’s leucistic. It means that this peacock has less pigment than a regular peacock. Albinos have no pigment. The bird’s eyes are not red, which would be the case if the peacock were a true albino.

11. Albino Caribou

Although it seems like Patronum directly from Harry Potter movies, this is a real and living animal. Albino Caribou can only be seen in remote areas of the Alaskan wilderness.

One all-white reindeer was recently spotted roaming Malå, Sweden in early September. So, how did this white animal came from the Alaskan wilderness to European forests? Still unknown.

10. Albino Sea Turtles

So many wonders beneath the horizon and the albino sea turtle is just one of a many. White turtles seem so fragile, creamy and adorable. But, they are so rare that they are considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This Albino Slider’s are so limited that they’he only been photographed a few times. They are mostly seen swimming in the ocean’s depths or scurrying from their nest to the ocean. No matter how deep they go, you still get to see them.

9. Albino Raven

Traditionally, ravens are seen as dark blackbirds. So, when you run on an all-white raven you can be considered to be lucky, as these creatures are more mythology than reality. Currently, the most famous white raven is named Pearl.

Pearl is one of four known albino Ravens in the entire world. It seems that they don’t live as long as their dark-feather cousins. Moreover, only 3 or 4 of them are born each year.

8. Albino Koala

The first albino koala known to the world was born in the San Diego Zoo, back in 1997. This koala was named Onya-Birri. In the Aborigine language, it means ‘ghost boy’. He spent the first 6 months of his life in his mother’s pouch.

Onya-Birri was the first one to be known to science. Recently, Australian Zoo got a new family member – baby koala with brown eyes.

7. Albino Penguin

A snowy environment is a great place for albino animals to hide. Therefore, you’d think albino penguins would be more common. However, that’s not the case, and only a few of them were seen, including Snowdrop.

Snowdrop was one of the few albinos to reach its adulthood. This rare penguin was born at the Bristol Zoo in England. He was immediately accepted by his clutchmates. Unfortunately, he lived for just a few years and died on August 2004.

6. Albino Giraffes

Seeing giraffes in the wilderness is one of the most thrilling moments that one can experience. And if they are white, you are about to see a miracle. So, just the fact that there are a white mother and white calf is amazing.

They are based in Kenya and they are under full-time protection. However, they are leucistic. That’s the main reason why the baby has a little coloring left on its neck.

5. Albino Kangaroo

It seems that Australia is fond of amazing albino animals. Therefore, no wonder that their national animal comes all white from time to time. Wildlife park in Australia holds an albino kangaroo.

Experts believe that the main reason for the growing appearance of white kangaroos lies in the long-term effect of the dingo fence. White kangaroos are mostly seen in western New South Wales.

4. Albino Donkeys

There is not one, but hundreds of miniature albino donkeys near Sardinia, Italy. This ‘Donkey Island’ is home to a hundred wild white donkeys.

The island of Asinara got its national park status where these animals can roam free.

3. Albino Hummingbird

This amazing bird can be seen flying around the butterfly bush, feeding on nectar. You can spot it if you are lucky enough. In general, hummingbirds have a white belly and a yellowish-green tone on their backs. But, this hummingbird is completely different.

Hummingbirds are known for having exceptional ability to fly like insects by simply producing proper lift in both their wing downstroke and upstroke. They usually eat nectar and small insects.

2. Albino Python

People ordinarily have dogs or cats as pets. However, from time to time you can find more unusual pets around, such as various snakes. But some do choose to welcome python in their home, even if they can easily wrap around their prey and choke them to death. Pythons are usually dark brown unless they are albino.

Albino Python is always white with yellow pigments. Surprisingly, these pythons are really popular as pets, and they are popular due to their albinism. However, too much breeding can produce offsprings that are completely yellow.

1. South Africa’s Albino Lioness

Africa is a continent full of mysteries, amazing nature, and unusual animals. This Albino lioness is a big part of that amazing world. There is a legend that says a meteor crash gave the lioness her white fur. But the truth is that lioness is just leucistic.

You can tell if a lion is leucistic by the darkness of its nose. This lioness grew up in the park, where she is protected from many predators who would hun her down.

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