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These Are The Rarest And Most Stunning Dogs In The World

For tens of thousands of years humans have taken in canines from the wild to train and breed them to suit domestic life and work. Dating back to ancient times, the dog was the first animal to be domesticated. Since then, people have adored these creatures and craved to have them in their company and care.

From elite purebreds to trendy “designer” cross-breeds, the world is full of beautiful dog breeds that we can’t help but ooh and aww over. This list of beautiful dog breeds will have you falling head over paws for some of the most unique and rare four-legged friends on the planet. Warning: puppy love is a likely side effect.

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1. Aussie Pom

This adorable fluffy nugget known as an Aussie Pom is bred from an Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian mix. With their manageable size and affectionate, loyal disposition these unique looking dogs are commonly raised as companion pooches.

Generally, social animals, the relatively long-living (12 to 15 years average) Aussie Pom needs regular bouts of interaction and exercise. Although their size and coloring can vary, they usually look like a small Shepard with cute Pomeranian features and the beautifully unique markings of the Australian Shepherd.

2. Corgle/Beagi

This precious crossbreed between a Corgi and Beagle is one of the popular “designer” dog breeds that are not only super cute but great companions. The mix between the two adorable purebred dogs generally results in an animal that has the best traits from both of its parents.

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The Corgle/Beagi is a popular pet due to its social and amicable temperament that makes for a good companion. This cute canine is also alert, intelligent and spirited. This mix usually inherits the Corgis’ elongated body but it’s always a toss-up whether these sweet pups will get pointy Corgi ears or floppy Beagle ones.

3. Pomsky

These darling dogs are sure to make puppy eyes for days! Pomskies are one of the most popular “designer dogs” these days, and a relatively new hybrid at that. Half Husky and half Pomeranian, these striking fluff balls have a lot of energy and a lot of smarts.

The Pomsky might shed a lot, but just one look these fierce teddy bear like cuties and that seems like a small price to pay. What is not cheap, however, is the price tag on these mid-sized heart melters. Still, the dog world seems to be bark raving mad about the Pomsky.

4. Golden Dox

Hot diggity dog! How cute is this cross between a wobbly little Weiner Dog (or Dachshund) and a majestic, flaxen-haired Golden Retriever!? These gorgeous little goobers have us slobbering all over them. Just one look and it’s no wonder why the beguiling Golden Dox is one of the most cherished mixed breeds.

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With the elongated trunk and squat legs of a Dachshund and floppy ear and flowing mane of a Golden Retriever, the Golden Dox is one furry and funny pooch. These mid-to-large-sized dogs make for loyal and lovable companions. So. Stinking. Adorable.

5. Whoodle

This cross between a Wheaten Terrier and Poodle is another one of the “designer dogs” that have become an in-demand pet over the past couple of decades. Apart from being intelligent and eager to please, these curly cuties are also hypoallergenic.

Basically the perfect home or apartment pup, Whoodles are practically non-barking dogs and are regarded as gentle and non-aggressive in nature. These quiet and curious creatures seem perfect to cozy up to and bestow upon them oodles and Whoodles of love.

The tail-wagging cuteness doesn’t end there, keep reading for more rare ruffers!

6. Dalmachshund

You might need 202 of these spotted snookums to get 101 purebred Dalmatians, but we’re okay with that. The Dalmachshund mix between a Dalmatian and Dachshund might not be frequently spotted, but it’s undeniably one of the most precious pup breeds to emerge in recent years.

These little munchkins sporting mottled coats could melt even the most Cruella de Vil hearts out there. The Dalmachshund is the type of adorable new mixed-breed dogs that are taking over from purebreds as the prime choice of pets.

7. Corgipoo

The Corgipoo hybrids start their lives as heart-melting little teacup tykes. Known to be slightly cheeky yet sweet, the crossbreed is just so darn precious. Although they are a relatively new breed, these petit poochies are highly popular and easily found.


Like many cross-breeds, the physical attributes of a Corgipoo can vary per litter, although they are usually found as a standard or a miniature. These furry friends are the perfect combo of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite breed, the Corgi, and the stately Poodle: combined, they should be crowned for cuteness.

8. Goberian

This splendid specimen looks like it could have been straight out of the spice-filled realm of “Dune.” But, in fact, the Goberian is no fictional creature, but rather a true-life breed that is half Golden Retriever and half Husky.


Don’t be intimidated by their size, these loyal companions are known to be incredibly friendly and gentle with their owners. These dependable guard dogs are also wonderful with children. Although they make great pets, Goberians are highly independent and active and aren’t prone to long, solitary stays indoors.

9. Yorkipoo

There is possibly nothing as tiny and tear-inducingly precious as the Yorkipoo. Bred for the first time in the US, the cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a small Poodle results in this little bundle of furry joy.

Like many new mixed-breed dogs, the Yorkipoo is not recognized as a standardized breed by any major kennel club. Nonetheless, the adorable animal is regarded as one of the most lovable lap dogs ever! Just be ready for some yips along with the cuddles if you’re thinking of bagging one of these popular pooches.

10. Dalcorgi

By now we’ve established that Corgis are canines fit for a queen. In addition, Dalmatians are also regarded as one of the most beautiful dog breeds out there. So, what happens you ask when these two breeds combine?


The answer: the Dalcorgi. Although its name might sound like a creature out of Game of Thrones, this crossbreed dog is generally not very aggressive in nature but demonstrates high energy and strength along with a comical, playful side. Its build may say Corgi, but the spots definitely say Dalmatian.

The next adorable cross-breed dog is so cute, you can’t miss it!

11. Cheagle

The origins of this adorable crossbreed designer dog began long ago on two separate continents. Individually adorable and cherished, the determined Beagle and the spunky Chihuahua found their respective ways from England and Mexico to provide DNA for the comically-named Cheagle.


The hybrids are generally too small to take after Beagle purebreds as dutiful hunting hounds, but they are excellent domestic dogs that are bound to liven up any home. With their snuggly little snouts, the Cheagle seems like the perfect intersection between Taco Bell and high tea.

12. Ba-Shar

No, this has nothing to do with the President of Syria. The name of this cross breed dog derives from a combination of its parents’ pedigrees. Actually, its family tree traces its roots from the Basset Hound’s French origins and the Shar-Pei’s Chinese background.


Those two animal ancestors eventually made their way to North America, where breeders mixed their genes to produce this wrinkly little wiggle tails. The Ba-Shar is typically a large yet easily-maintained dog that makes for a loyal and affectionate watchdog and house pet. Also, as puppies, they look like fuzzy friends of the Michelin Man.

13. Chusky

This giant fluffball of love is basically a walking teddy bear. The Chusky hybrid between a puffy Chow Chow and sturdy Siberian Husky is one of the most protective pups. Affectionate, loyal and energized, the Chusky forms a strong bond with their humans.

Their full manes look perfect for pampering and petting, but Chuskies can be a handful for first-time dog owners. Hot temperatures are not ideal for this dog’s living conditions, but this dog is bound to be any man’s (or woman’s) fleeced best friend on a cold winter’s night.

14. Chow Chow

Nope, this isn’t an adorable little lion baby. The impressive Chow Chow has one of the most unique looks among canines with it full mane of fluffy goodness and adorably deep-set eyes. This huggable-looking dog looks like the perfect cuddle buddy, but in fact, it’s alright being alone and prefers to skip mushy-gushy fuss fests.

Originating from the kennels of imperial China, the Chow Chow is a proud and loyal companion. As a highly territorial breed, it will fearlessly guard its family and let strangers know when they’re not welcome by indicating “I am Chow Chow, hear my bark!”

15. Pomeranian

You might be surprised to learn that the itty-bitty Pomeranian descended from large sled dog breeds. We know, right! Foxy-faced and button-nosed, this compact fluff puff is characteristically playful, intelligent and sociable. The Pomeranian may be mini, but this lively little bubs has a personality to match the size of a Great Dane.

These frisky and furry little nuggets have a tendency to be particularly yippy, but when you’re that cute, who cares? Also, Poms are one of the most adorable dogs to groom… Well, just look at them!

16. Bichon Frise

These tiny white nuggets are so plush and perky that they can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Its name (pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say) sounds extravagant, but it appropriately means “curly lap dog.” Despite its French name, the breed was originally Spanish.

When the French saw this little cotton ball of a dog, however, they obviously decided they needed them to be their adorable companions on boats, in palaces and basically, everywhere this toy-sized pooch could fit. Cheerful and somewhat mischievous, these little marshmallowy-coated pups are pros at giving and receiving lots of love.

17. Kooikerhondje

The Kooikerhondje’s name might be hard to pronounce, but this beautiful breed sure is easy on the eyes. With chestnut and white coloring and a silky coat, this good-natured sporting dog originated in the Netherlands as a duck hunting breed.

No, Kooikerhondje isn’t dutch for “cookie hound,” but you might be inclined to spoil this spaniel sweetheart that will be more than happy to play frisbee and provide excellent companionship at home. Also, they’re perfect models for dog product commercials.

The next beautiful dog breed originated in the Middle East and is simply spectacular!

18. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of the most stunning dog breeds in the world. With its distinct long, luxurious mane, it is regarded as an aristocratic and exotic breed. Just as amazing as its silky fur is the Afghan Hound’s heritage that astoundingly dates back thousands of years to 4000 BC.

These agile beauties are both quick and gentle, making them suitable as hunting dogs or doting shepherds. From their Middle Eastern origins, the breed was brought to Britain in the 1920s and soon after made their way to North America. Now desirable pets and show dogs, the Afghan Hound is also a social media favorite. Watch out Kardashians!

19. Lagotto Romagnolo

This adorable bundle of furry fluff with a precious shag rug coat is one of the best family pets around. Not only is the Lagotto Romagnolo one of the cutest dog breeds out there, but it is an adept pure breed that is energetic and fairly easy to train.

Hailing from the Romagna region of Italy, its name literally means “lake dog from Romagna.” Originally a water retrieval dog, the breed was later used to find and retrieve truffles. Skilled and cutter than words, the Lagotto Romagnolo’s lifespan is relatively long at 15 years. Sounds like a keeper!

20. Saluki

Regal and reserved, the Saluki’s name translates from Arabic to “the Noble.” Beautiful, lean and quick, these dogs have distinctly silky-haired ears and were used for centuries as hunting companions by ancient peoples in the Fertile Crescent.

Once considered a gift from God, the elegant Saluki is a heavenly companion. Although it can seem aloof, the breed becomes strongly devoted to its owner. When it is not outside running like a racehorse, you’ll be likely to see its long, skinny muzzle peeking out from a cozy swaddling of bedding or blankets.

21. Akita

Akita dogs are simultaneously adorable and powerful. With their fluffy short coats and bushy tails, they demand loving and admiration. Resembling some kind of a cross between a fox and teddy bear, this big and bold breed originated in feudal Japan as a guard dog for royalty and nobility.

This fearless furry guardian is courageous and stubborn and not easily frightened. Yet, these protective pooches are unwaveringly loyal and affectionate with their owners. Don’t be surprised if you find that big fluffy head with adorable little eyes following you around from room to room – you know, just to make sure you’re safe in your own home.

Keep scrolling for super cute pics of some of the world’s fluffiest four-legged friends!

22. Labrador Husky

This beautiful dog is commonly mistaken for a Husky-Lab crossbreed, but it is, in fact, its own separate rare breed. Originally brought to Labrador, Canada by the Inuit People in the 1300s, the Labrador husky was initially bred as a working dog and later domesticized as a family pet.

These dogs are a little high maintenance and need a committed owner to help groom their plush, thick coats. The Labrador Husky is known to grow bigger than its cousin the Siberian husky, but despite its large size, these dogs are gentle, intelligent and good-natured. It may look like a wolf, but it’s all love.

23. Azawakh

Originally from the Sahel region of the Sahara Desert, the Azawakh is a lean and attentive specimen. Bred by ancient civilizations as a guard dog and hunting dog, this magnificent hound has a distinct feline gait and is a natural marvel of motion.

These proud desert dogs are biologically very thin, but they are anything but frail. Along with their elegant stature and muscular build, this velveteen breed embodies a particular combination of independence and loyalty. They’re also very protective of their people and are also suited for domestic pet life.

24. Norwegian Lundehund

The small Norwegian Lundehund is of the popular Spitz breed but has several unique characteristics that aren’t found in any other canine. These loyal and active dogs were biologically built to love and thrive outdoors.

The Norwegian Lundehund is an amazing feat of nature, sporting six toes, the ability to close its ear and extreme upper body flexibility that allows it to bend its head back to its neck. Originally bred as Puffin hunter, these days, this dog is the perfect hiking buddy.

25. Samoyed

With its iconic thick, double-layer coat that’s as white as the Siberian snow, the Samoyed is hardy and sweet. Resembling something of an adorable, smiling Polar Bear, this gorgeous breed is a rare beauty and true buddy.

Originally bred as hunting, herding and hauling dogs in the Russian tundra, Samoyeds are gentle, good-natured and friendly with their humans. These giant balls of fluff find it among their favorite hobbies to hike, shed, lick and keep their owners warm by plopping on top of them in the middle of the night. Aww, so thoughtful.

26. Siberian Husky

The remarkable Siberian Husky has long been a popular pet choice due to their unique beauty. Often bearing crystalline blue eyes and gorgeously marked, thick coats, Siberian Huskies are certain head-turners. Athletic and intelligent, they are adept working dogs originally bred as transport and companionship pets.

Regarded as one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, Siberian Huskies are incredibly friendly and affectionate. They’re also particularly curious and notorious escape artists. Despite their impressive appearance they don’t make for great guard dogs (for better or worse) and are more likely to try to play with an intruder than deter one.

Don’t miss the next couple of beautiful dog breeds that are some of the rarest in the world.

27. Xoloitzcuintli

Just as unique as its name is the Xoloitzcuintli’s appearance. Known as the Mexican hairless dog, this little tyke is one of the world’ oldest and rarest breeds. They are often thought to be the first breed of dogs to set paw in North America.

The Xoloitzcuintli’s name derives from the ancient Aztec words for “god” and “dog.” Without fur, the Xolos’ smooth skin radiates heat, which contributes to their reputation as healers and protectors. These compact, pointy-eared pups are loyal and alert. They love to play around outside, but they’re also super chill around the house.

28. Tibetan Mastiff

This massive fluff face has been compared to Pandas in terms of rarity. Bred as a guardian for centuries by nomads in Asia, the Tibetan Mastiff is now regarded as the world’s most expensive dog breed. In 2011, a mastiff pup named “Big Splash” was sold for record-breaking $1.5 million.

With its huge furry mane and long, beautiful coat, the Tibetan Mastiff is a sure show stopper. These mindful, maned animals are quite independent and protective of their territory. Having been groomed by humans for so long, they’re also sophisticated when it comes to understanding people and are desirable family pets and show dogs.

29. Komondor

The distinct Komondor has one of the rarest coats in the dog world and draws instant attention for its mop-like appearance. As the Komondor grows, its soft curls develop into astonishing long strands of felt-like cords that could even upstage the likes of Bob Marley.

The Komondor originated as a sheepdog in Hungary. Its protective instincts, loyal and quick-minded tendencies along with its fabulously shaggy-haired appearance make it a particularly precious pet for those able to tend to the specific grooming needs of these floppy friends.

30. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a strong, formidable dog hailing from, you guessed it, Canada’s Newfoundland. Several theories swirl around the origins of the Newfoundland, but one this is for sure – these courageous canines like and act like friendly bear-like BFFs.

Newfoundlands are known for their hallmark sweet temperament and calm and dignified disposition. Their love for socializing and human interaction makes them an ideal home companion (if you have space) that’s bound to have onlookers drooling over them.

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