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10 Incredible Benefits of Reading

Reading is an important part of learning as we grow up. It may also be a very large part of our job once we enter the workforce. While we were required to read books in school for certain assignments, many adults now do not bother with reading.

It is an important part of life that needs to continue. If you are still unsure, here are a couple of reasons to consider reading at least a few minutes every day:

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1. Mental Stimulation

It is important for brain health that a person stimulates themselves mentally regularly. Making sure to stimulate yourself through regular reading is a great way to stave off conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Puzzles that require reading are a great way to stimulate different parts of your brain at once.

2. Stress Reduction

The world is far more stressed now than it has ever been before. Whether you’re tired from a long day at work, family members are coming to disagreements, a well-written story can provide a temporary escape to relieve that stress.

Take a trip on the back of dragons with elves and mages to defeat a great evil, or follow Sherlock Holmes as he solves mysteries difficult for the most seasoned of detectives. Using reading to de-stress can help clear your head before looking to take the situation on once again.

3. Knowledge

You have likely heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power,’ and this was likely an allusion to reading itself. Every story ever written has something to teach us, and the more we read, the richer our wealth of knowledge on any number of given subjects.

Having prior knowledge of things thanks to reading can help when a difficult situation calls for specific information.

4. Vocabulary Expansion

Knowledge is great and comes with the added benefit of learning new words that may not have been familiar before. Reading at a consistent rate will allow for an individual to be more articulate in conversation, both professionally and with friends and family.

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In my experiences, the well-spoken and articulate person will be the first to be asked an important question.

If you are looking to learn any language other than your first, reading is an important step to becoming fluent, allowing in-depth exposure to the words and how they may be used.

5. Memory Improvement

One of the biggest parts of reading is retaining info from the parts of the story you’ve already read. From remembering the individual names of characters to remembering where large battles took place, a lot of information has to be retained and called upon at later dates.

The more that our brain has to remember, the more synapses are created in the brain. Populating the brain with more allows for sharper short-term memory and improvements in mood.

6. Stronger Analytical Skills

If you ever solved a mystery before the detective of the story, it’s likely your analytical skills have greatly improved thanks to reading.

Increasing your analytical ability will allow one to assess a story’s quality and determine with reasonable knowledge if the character really fit into the story.

7. Improved Focus and Concentration

These days it is hard to focus on anything other than a digital screen feeding us the latest celebrity gossip. When we surround ourselves with multiple distractions, such as social media, e-mail, or smartphone messages, we become borderline ADD. Eventually, this adds unnecessarily to our already hard to handle stress levels.

Reading a book draws your focus to one direction: the story. Being so engrossed in a story for as little as 20 minutes per day can greatly improve one’s focus. Pick a time of day to focus on just the story for a few minutes a day, whether it’s after work or before you get home.

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8. Better Writing Skills

As your vocabulary and general knowledge expand, the well-written works that come before your eyes help to sharpen your writing skill. Many authors are influenced by others whose works they read as a child or college student, much in the way a veteran musician affects a new singer on the scene.

9. Tranquility

Reading is certainly calming when the subject is to your liking. Oftentimes, many people gain a sense of true inner peace and tranquility after reading the religious text.

Self-help books are often recommended to those with mood disorders or certain mental illnesses.

10. Free Entertainment

Those of us with a great imagination can get lost in a story that falls into our favorite subject. Even if you never check out a book, take the opportunity to peruse the wealth of text your local library has on hand.

Visit consistently and you can see various works that come and go from there.

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