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7 Reasons Why Black Friday Really Sucks

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Black Friday is not something that started out as a holiday. Throughout the year, some of us may find it hard to gather certain necessities and wants. We then sit around waiting for Black Friday sales to be shoved in our faces. We then go on our merry way, and we’re off to every crowded shore with those two words in the window.

But Black Friday is not all it’s cracked up to be. There are a couple of reasons why this particular holiday really, really sucks.

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1. Shopping Rage

When it comes to shopping during Black Friday, plenty of people transform into animals once they cross the threshold into a store. With all the stress that comes with the holiday, it compounds with a person’s competitive need for shopping to form a powder keg about to blow. A simple bump might set someone off and trigger a riot that no one intended to start.

Do you really want to fight someone for something as small as a cell phone case?

2. Cyber Monday

Think of Cyber Monday as a better, more improved version of Black Friday. While you may not get the same deals, staying at home to shop online comes with great benefits. You don’t have to deal with crowded stores and you can shop from the safety of your home, without having to worry about the scary mobs that form.

Besides, doesn’t staying at home and sipping hot chocolate sound like a better activity than being stuck in a line for hours?

3. Lack of Brand Sales

You go to stores on Black Friday, hoping to possibly get an expensive jacket or some jewelry from the brands you love so much. But, even when you go to the most popular stores, very rarely are the popular products at a discounted price during this holiday. You’ll just be buying discounted items that were already discounted.

Online is usual where big-brand products will have the most discounts.

4. Low Supplies

You’d be surprised at what businesses are willing to do to draw in revenue. In many cases, the products that get advertised are available in severely limited quantities. Companies doing this can sometimes draw people into a fight.

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Even if you arrive in time to be one of the first ten people into a store, you might have no luck because inventory will be drained by the time you reach the counter.

Don’t expect companies to outright state they maintain a low supply on purpose.

5. Overspending

Black Friday is supposedly a holiday meant to help save people money, right? When you plan to go to a number of different stores, it becomes hard to track how much of a deal you’ve gotten at other places.

Impulsive buying can lead to a severe depletion of funds before you know it. Having a clear and concise plan for how you are going to shop. It will help prevent you from buying things that you are not sure you wanted or even needed.

6. Other People Lose Out

You may not think about it as you rocket your way through aisle after aisle riding a shopping cart, but the employees at these businesses are the most affected.

Because certain businesses are so dead-set on generating revenue through questionable discounts, many people are forced to cut short celebrations with family to help prepare a store for their torrent of foot traffic.

7. Deals Exist All Year

Regardless of the good deals you see advertised on the internet, newspaper, or television, is it really worth it to wade through crowds?
The flashing light and loud music of a commercial may draw you to a deal you hadn’t considered before. But there is one problem with that.

Just because a business says ‘Black Friday deals,’ does not mean these deal won’t exist at some other time.

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In fact, some people get just as much Black Friday deals in the week after Black Friday.

Whether you’re getting up late at night to shop at a particular store or waiting till Cyber Monday, don’t feel too bad about missing these deal. Watch advertisements like a hawk so that you can catch the Black Friday deal you saw before.

Are you brave enough to weather the storm and try your hand at Black Friday shopping in-person? Or will you stay home under a warm blanket?

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