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10 Creative Ways You Can Reuse Plastic Bottles

Everybody’s aware that plastic is ruining our planet and natural environment at a rapid, dramatic rate. Still, not a lot of people actually does something that can help decrease the plastic waste.

Among most used plastic objects are plastic bottles. Can you be honest and admit how many empty plastic bottles you end up having by the end of the week? That’s right. We should all be kind of embarrassed whatever the number is (unless the answer is “no empty plastic bottles” at all).

So, be a sweetheart, and check out these 10 creative ways to reuse plastic bottles. Our planet will be grateful if you use any of these.

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Let’s start!

1. DIY Hanging Containers

If you always wanted to have some hanging planters, you can now make them by yourself and also help in saving our planet from excessive plastic waste. Pain the top of the bottle in a color of your preference cut the bottle according to how big the plant will be, and hang it with cords.

2. DIY Bird Feeders

So many animals are suffering because of plastic waste in oceans. Why not use it then for something animals can benefit from? Make this great bird feeder and relive those empty plastic bottles.

Via Here Comes The Sun.

3. DIY Wall Planters

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Another great way to use those big plastic bottles we usually just throw away. Paint them, lay them on the side, cut the upper part and plant your favorite flowers!

4. DIY Vertical Herbs Garden

You’ll be able to make this vertical garden the same way you would make the hanging planters. You only need to place your bottles one over another, so that way you can make a sustainable, self-watering garden. Cool, right?

5. DIY Creative Planters

Want to get a little bit artsy? Take those detergent-bottles and great these chic-looking corner planters!

Via Green Lifestyle Mag.

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6. DIY No-Zipper Cases

This might be a fun way to make some upcycled cases for your kid or yourself. Just make sure to find transparent bottles that will look the best for this DIY project. You can also paint them in your favorite color.

Via Make it Love it.

7. DIY String Lights

If you have some string lights that you’d like to make more colorful, give this DIY project a try. It is very fun and will let you express your creativity.

Via Bob Vila.

8. DIY Decorative Bottle Vases

If you want to have some fancy and unique decorative vases, then opt for this upcycling idea. You’ll need a bit more time in order to make them, but once you’re done, everyone is going to fall in love with them!

Via DIY Candy.

9. DIY Sprinkler

If you own a big garden, you might know how convenient it is to have grass/plant sprinklers. Well if you still don’t own one, making your own out of a plastic bottle is possible!

Via Clever Crafty Cookin Mama.

10. DIY Bottle Bracelets

If you have a green enthusiast friend, or would simply like to teach your kid about the importance of recycling/upcycling plastic, then do this fun DIY project. You can choose the colors you prefer and make a completely unique piece of accessories.

Via Pyssel Bolaget.

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