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9 Ways To Remove Super Glue From Practically Anything

Super glue is something many families rely on for small breaks. If a part of a kid’s toy broke or cubic zirconia fell out of some jewelry, the substance may be of great help. The problem with the powerful substance is exactly that, it’s powerful. While it certainly has benefits, how to remove can sometimes because of a big problem.

Here are a few ways you can remove super glue without spending too much:

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1. Removing from the Skin

Let’s be honest, if our childhood home had super glue, there’s a good chance it got onto our skin at some point. Skin is quite sensitive, but there are a few things you can use to get rid of it:

  • Acetone – Normally used for removing polish from fingernails, but can be used on the skin carefully. Lightly soak a cotton swab and dab it on the area. If there’s a lot of glue, you might need to do it a few times.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – A chemical compound classified as an antiseptic, using food-grade strength peroxide should have enough power to remove the glue. Use repeatedly only if necessary.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – something I use to clean the ice off my car window during the winter, it is acidic enough that repeated use should remove super glue from the skin.

2. Removing From Plastic

It is pretty difficult to remove anything from plastic, let alone super glue. But fear not, for acetone (yes, the nail stuff) can do the trick.

You’ll first have to wipe down the area and then wash with warm soap and water to ‘prime’ the glue. Using a separate rag, dab acetone on the area with the glue and then rub it in. All that’s left after that is wiping away the residue.

Be careful as many plastic surfaces will suffer damage when they come into contact with acetone.

3. Removing it from Glass

Since glass is a lot more forgiving, there’s no worry when using abrasive chemicals to remove super glue. You can use either acetone or isopropyl alcohol. Like with the plastic, rub gently with a small rag.

The residue left behind can be removed using your choice of sandpaper, brillo pad, or knife.

If somehow the glue managed to get on the glass of your phone screen, using a soft cloth soaked with acetone is best. You’ll regret it if that acetone touches it directly.

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4. Removing From Metal

Metal is far more durable than glass or plastic, thus allowing one to use acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover. Feel free to use the chemical liberally, and then scrub at the glue.

If necessary, you can use sandpaper or a knife to remove any remaining residue. White vinegar will also work, but you’ll have to let the area soak for at least a few hours and then scrub off.

5. Removing Super Glue from Wood

Wood does not have the same durability as metal, so you’ll want to use something like a non-acetone nail polish remover. If somehow super glue managed to find itself on your wood floors, coconut or olive oil will work. Let the liquid soak the area for a few hours and then scrub with fine-grain sandpaper.

6. Removing Super Glue from Clothes

You will want to avoid using acetone as it will discolor your clothing. After loosening the glue with some soapy water, make a paste using baking soda and detergent to loosen the glue a little more. Then just scrub with a small brush (a dollar store toothbrush should work fine).

If you want to cut your work time by a little, you can always soak the affected area with lemon juice for a few hours before scrubbing it away.

7. Removing Super Glue from Counter-top

Counter-tops are made with many different materials, but the method for removing glue should be no different regardless of material. Nail polish remover should work with no problem to loosen the substance before scrubbing off.

Re-apply as many times as necessary. The price of acetone may vary, but many dollar stores have a small bottle for a nominal price.

8. Removing Super Glue from Leather

There’s just something cool about having clothing made of leather. If you want your clothing to stay ‘cool,’ avoid using acetone or risk permanent damage to your item. A lather of soap and water, with repeated use, should eventually rid the leather of glue.

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9. Removing Super Glue from Carpet

Using a metal comb (no plastics! Acetone will eat the bristles) wrapped in tissue paper and an acetone-soaked cotton ball. You’ll have to place the metal comb under your area carpet and scrub from the top with the cotton ball. Dip the cotton as necessary.

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