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New Research Reveals New Details About Life Expectancy

Determining life expectancy is a tricky thing. Many factors such as diet, location of residence, economic background, and stress may all be factors in either lowering or increasing it. Making healthy diet choices and avoiding has been shown to aid in improving it.

A new study suggests that life expectancy may increase across the globe by as much as 4 years.

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On October 16, a report was published in the journal known as The Lancet. In the study, researchers factored in things like clean water, income, body mass index and smoking. They also separated life expectancy by 2040 into three scenarios: most likely, “better health,” and worse health.

Currently, there is hope that the world is headed to a most-likely, with some of the early death causes in 2040 being COPD, chronic kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s. Although the U.S. will likely only see an increase by one year, many countries are expected to have people live 10 years past the previously recorded numbers.

In the better-health scenario, the average life expectancy would increase by 7.8 years for men and 7.2 years for women.

The worse-health scenario factors in deadly diseases and the patterns they spread in. In this same scenario, death resulting from infection of HIV/AIDS would increase exponentially, that number likely reaching the millions if it happens.

Economic background is also a major factor in life expectancy. Those who are considered low-income, according to the study, usually die prematurely. It is an unfortunate truth that needs to be addressed.

Not many may think so, but increasing life expectancy should be seen as a community effort. Programs to help motivate people to exercise and eat better would greatly improve their health and give them more energy.

If you are worried about living longer, cut out some of your more unhealthy food choices. Take a break from typing that Facebook status update and go for a walk down your street. It doesn’t take much.

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