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This Wave-Shaped Structure In Norway Is The World’s Most Beautiful Restroom

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Norway is one of the three countries considered to be former home to Norse people of Europe. It has a host of natural wonders to behold, and one trip is likely not enough to take in all the beauty that the country has to offer. One of the places you should visit first, though, is the Norwegian Scenic Route.

While it’s hard to visit a lot of places at once in a place you’re visiting, The ‘scenic route’ is dotted with rest areas along the way, a popular location in Norway for tourists. Citizens and tourists alike can enjoy the Northern Lights, in addition to the wonderful view of the sea and mountains.

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The structures build along the road are designed with a modern theme in mind, some of the building almost hidden among the beauty of the environment.

You would expect to say it, but the Norwegian Scenic Route is home to a bathroom that some may refer to as ‘beautiful.’ Yes, it is hard to believe that a bathroom can be labeled such, but the first time you lay your eyes on it, you’d find it hard to disagree.

Located at a stop in Helgelandskysten, is a bathroom that’s almost impossible to spot if you are not looking for it. It has a wave-like roof that connects to the ground in front, and lights that cast a warm orange glow on anyone inside.

Next, to the stopping point Ureddplassen, where the gorgeous bathroom is located, stands a monument to the fallen soldiers of the World War II sub “Uredd.”

If you’re motivated by some of the more eccentric things that a country has to offer, Ureeddplassen might be a place worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Norway.

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Most people won’t admit it, but they would certainly love to the chance to use such a futuristic looking bathroom.

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