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Once This Golden Retriever Saved Her, Baby Koala Didn’t Want To Let Him Go

Credits : Kerry McKinnon / Caters News

Dogs are far smarter than people give them credit for. They act as therapy animals for people, are partnered with cops, and sometimes buy their own food with money strangers give them.

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But they are also prone to getting themselves into odd situations you wouldn’t think a dog could get into.

When you live in a country like Australia, there’s no telling what a dog will get him or herself into. There are a number of wild animals, like spiders, Kangaroos, or even dingos. For Kerry McKinnon of Strathdownie, Western Victoria, it was something even more unlikely than any of those animals.

Because the temperatures reach near freezing, animals without fur are not able to survive well in the environment. Asha, McKinnon’s dog, thanks to being a golden retriever, has a nice thick coat.

Kerry McKinnon thought that her dog’s fur might have been the reason their surprise visitor had snuggled up to her canine. A seemingly lost koala cub managed to make its way into the backyard and climbed into Asha’s dog bed.

The woman is proud her dog watched over the koala and ensured it survived the harsh cold where they live. “She definitely saved the little joey’s life.”

Credits : Kerry McKinnon / Caters News

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Surprisingly, it was difficult to separate the koala from his new friend. When it was finally taken from Asha, the cub actually hissed in protest.

The little thing probably could have stayed there forever if it had been allowed to.The koala is now under the care of a special facility dedicated to raising them until they are ready to go back to the wild.

Asha’s story with her koala buddy has become viral, many declaring her a hero dog.

Kerry and Asha’s story is a good reminder of how caring our canine friends can be. They feel more than we give them credit for.

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