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According To Richard Branson Staying Childish At Heart Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Source: Jarle Naustvik

It is a dream for millions of people all over the world to own and run their own business. But they get stuck at simply wanting it. They don’t know what to do next and if they do, cannot figure out how to get there.

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How do they take that first step? How do they take their business idea from concept to execution?

Each business owner has a different methodology for what helps their businesses run smoother. Some may adhere to very strict standards, making employees a little stiff. Others believe a light-hearted atmosphere is the key to productivity.

So what is the simplest explanation for what makes a good business owner and entrepreneur?

Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Mobile and Virgin Air, believe it comes down to maintaining a child’s sense of wonder. The Virgin Mobile CEO believes that keeping the fire of youth alive inside yourself is the key to becoming a success.

“There’s magic in youth – a certain unmasked and undeterred vitality – which allows the young, and young at heart, to experience the world in all its colours.” – Richard Branson

The stress that comes with being an adult does little to help on their path to fully realized entrepreneur. It is important to participate in activities that bring you joy, thereby relieving the undue stress that comes with a working a job you don’t really want to be in.

Branson agrees the hardest part about life is finding what you love to do.

Not everyone you ask will say they love the job they’re in right now. And if you don’t love what you do? Find something you do love.

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Don’t quit your job outright, but take time after a shift or during free weekends to put some energy into helping realize your dreams of owning your own business.

Keep that sense of wonder you had as a kid and before you know it, you’ll be glad to get out of bed to go to work.

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