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Richard Branson: One Of The Richest Man Alive

Entrepreneur and business mogul Richard Branson is a household name all over the world and has sealed his name as one of the greatest businessmen to ever live.

From dropping out of school in his teenage years, no one would have guessed how successful Richard would become in the long run.

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Early Life

Richard was born as the firstborn of three siblings. He also happens to be the only son as the other two siblings are daughters. The business tycoon was born to Edward James Branson who is his father and Eve Branson, his mother.

The 69-year-old was born on July 18, 1950, in London, United Kingdom.

Growing up his life was pretty basic. His father worked as a barrister while his mother was a flight attendant.

As a young lad, he was always curious and never shied away from trying out new things.

Because of this trait, he naturally gravitated towards business.

While in school, Richard was diagnosed with dyslexia that brought down his academic performance. This eventually led him to drop out of school at the age of sixteen.

In the words of his headmaster, he would either end up in jail or become a rich millionaire. The billionaire is estimated to be worth $4.1 billion in 2019.

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His entrepreneurship journey started way before dropping out of school as he has tinkered with a few businesses.

By the time he dropped out, he started a youth-run magazine called Student in 1966. Two years later, his net worth had grown to 50,000 Pounds.

Starting off, he had given out the magazines for free. He got the chance to interview some of the great musicians like Mick Jagger on the magazine.

He then got the brilliant idea to expand his business into the music industry to help keep the publication afloat.

Virgin Group

The Virgin group that is known today for having spread into every sector started with a record company.

He apparently got the idea for the name from a colleague who suggested the name Virgin because they were so new in the market.

How Virgin records started was by mail-order. He used the magazine to advertise records.

Richard Branson also embraced the business model of selling records cheaper than the famous stores to have a competitive edge.

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This plan paid off big time and Virgin records was able to open their first shop in Oxford Street.

Soon after, in 1972, he partnered up with Nik Powell and opened Virgin Records record label.

It went on to sign and produce many hit songs.


His interest in planes must have started at a young age considering his mother was a flight attendant. His first brush with an airline happened by coincidence after his flight to Puerto Rico was cancelled.

What started off as just a way to get him and some stranded passengers eventually grew into an airline. Richard formed Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Cargo in 1984.

He has since ventured into space tourism with Virgin Galactic in 2004. Virgin has also ventured into the hotel and healthcare industry.


The businessman cum entrepreneur has invested a significant amount of his time to write and release various books and autobiographies.

In his books, Richard brings readers into his early life and his life’s inspirations.

Some of the books he has written include, Losing my Virginity, Srew It Let’s Do It, Like a Virgin, The Virgin Way among many others.

While most books give insights into his business savvy and thought process, they also portray him in a human way.


Richard Branson has been married twice and has three children, Holly, 31, and Sam, 28 from his second marriage. The other child Clare passed away 4 days after birth.

His first marriage to Kristen Tomassi lasted 7 years. They divorced in 1979. He then married his second wife and mother to his kids Joan Templeman in 1989.

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