Reality Check: 25 Politicians With Staggering Bank Account Balances

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Politicians are used to being on a spotlight. They spend most of their time talking with people via a television set, social media or during political rallies in person.

One might say that they are rather open and easy going when it comes to sharing their persona and personal information with others.

However, there is one thing that they all would love to keep for themselves only: the size of their bank account.

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How much do they earn actually so they want to keep it a secret? For example, the starting salary for a Senator is $174,000 per year – but if a politician becomes a leader, Speaker of the House, or even a member of the Cabinet, they’ll earn beyond that starting sum. Regardless of how hard they try to hide it, their finances are usually known.

Many of them are building their fortune through numerous avenues, earning millions. Read on about top 25 politicians with significant bank accounts.

You will be surprised!

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