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5 Ridiculous Products That Exist


There’s nothing like buying the latest product that was just shown on television. To buy something that isn’t so mainstream is often done as a status symbol. Products like the famous Keurig coffee maker or the lesser-known Soda Stream soda machine sound quite practical.

One can make you coffee in seconds and other makes you soda right in your home. Sure, they don’t sound ridiculous. But there are plenty of products that fit the bill. Here is a list of products you don’t necessarily want or need in your life:

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1. The 3–in–1 Breakfast Maker

You ever rush yourself in the morning to make breakfast, wishing that your toaster was next to your coffee maker and not on the other counter? Why not get yourself the Nostalgia Electrics BSET100CR 3–in–1 Breakfast Station?

Complete with 500watts of power, it also features a griddle to cook your sausage and eggs, a 4-cup coffee maker, and oven section to toast your bread. You can make everything you want for breakfast on just one simple machine.

While the concept of the product is indeed interesting, I can’t imagine 500watts being enough to properly heat all elements of the device at once. That being said, if I ever have the cash to burn, I might buy one for the novelty alone.

2. Selfie Brush Case

Whenever you are brushing your hair, you might be missing that funny text from a friend or an important message from work. If you want to make sure to stay on top of all your messages you can get, go out and buy the Selfie Brush Case.

Made for iPhone 5, the phone case doubles as a rounded-bristle hairbrush. Sure, it’s practical in the sense your phone IS your hairbrush. Think about that for a minute. If you walked down the street and saw someone talking on what looked like a hairbrush, would you approach them? Probably not.

The Selfie Brush Case sells for about $4.95 USD on Amazon, with varying shipping costs.

3. Crafting with Cat Hair

My wife loves making crafts, from crocheting scarfs and beanies to knitting together tiny stuffed animal figures. But this here is something quite different. If you are a cat owner or ever have owned a cat, you know the difficulty in keeping the fur balls from getting everywhere.

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Crafting with Cat Hair, which sells as an e-book for about $9.99 USD, instructs individuals on how to craft things using your feline’s stray fur. The reviews for the e-book are positive but do acknowledge the book is for an eccentric group of people.

As much as I love my cats, Cupcake and Mr. Spooky, I can’t fathom ever doing anything with their fur, other than sucking it up into a vacuum and disposing of it.

4. Canned Whole Chicken

We’ve all had those days where we just do not want to cook a lengthy meal. The day’s shift is over, you’re home, and all you want to do after arriving is chow down. But what is there to eat?

Are you a fan of rotisserie chicken but just missed out on the last one at the store? Treat yourself to a can of Sweet Sue’s Canned Whole Chicken. That’s right, folks. Someone shoved an entire chicken into a portable can.

The only thing weirder than the can it comes in is the fact that it’s fully cooked. Which I’m assuming means you can simply slice off a piece and microwave it till it’s as hot as you like.

Doesn’t the simple thought of it put a weird taste in your mouth?

5. The Boyfriend Arm Pillow

Everyone loves to have a unique pillow that shows off their personality. Other times, you might just want a good pillow to snuggle with. If snuggling is what you are after, then why not try the Boyfriend Arm Pillow?

For $34.99 USD, you too can cuddle with what appears to be an adult male’s severed torso. As weird as it looks, though, many people swear by it. The material is of particularly high quality, and one customer said their daughter called it her “mommy arm.”

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Though I’m more partial to animal pillows that light up, I can see why people would like to have this. I personally can’t justify the purchase on a pillow with that price tag.

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