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Brilliant Way Robot Cafe In Tokyo Creates Jobs For Disabled People

There is no doubt that robots are cool. We use them for quite a few things from building cars to telling us which cookies on a conveyor belt shouldn’t go into packaging. But when it comes to employment, what do they help do other than lessen human interaction?

When people consider using robots for jobs other than building cars or scanning which grain of rice goes where people tend to adopt the “they took our jobs” attitude. But, a café in Japan is changing how people think of our metal friends.

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With something called ‘remote-piloting technology,’ people who are paralyzed with things like ALS or other paralyzing injuries staff the café through the short robots that carry around trays. The best part? They don’t even have to leave the house.

The Dawn ver.β café, as it’s called, can be found in the Nippon Foundation’s Tokyo headquarters.

It’s also possible for the café employees to speak and interact with customers through the robots. They are also paid the standard Japanese waiter’s wage of 1,000 yen per hour.

The robots, model ‘OriHime-D,’ are about 4 feet tall and have an all-white color scheme. Patients control the bots from a computer in their room that allows them to interact with its environment and the people in it. The even crazier part is how it’s controlled. Camera tech that’s been in development for several years tracks a person’s eye movements to execute commands they focus on.

Nonprofit Nippon Foundation teamed with tech company Ory to employ ten people suffering from a paralyzing disease.

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The initial set-up is a temporary one that will only be open till December 7th. The first opening was possible thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign and the hope is that a permanent version can be opened by 2020 with a second crowd-funding campaign.

Finally, robots that don’t replace people.

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