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This Impressive Rock In Colombia Became A Subject Of Anger Between Two Cities

Source: BORIS G/Flickr

The Earth is home to many amazing natural wonders. The Grand Canyon of Arizona, the Himalayas of Asia, and the stone archways of Utah are a testament to the planet’s ability to create things.

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There is only one thing more amazing than Gaia placing things on her surface, and that’s when people fight over them.

Most monuments that exist usually have a government-sponsored conservation team to help protect them. In Colombia, it is two cities with once ill feelings towards each other that watch over another one of Earth’s great creations.

The Rock of Guatape or El Penon de Guatape is a very tall rock that was formed millions of years ago. Former residents of the area, the Tahamies Indians, once worshipped the rock as a connection to their gods.

The large stone tower has an elevation of 7,005ft (2,135 meters) above sea level on its South East side.

On the North side of the formation is a large white painted letter ‘G’ with an incomplete ‘U’ next to it. This is the result of a group of people from one of the nearby town. Two cities exist on either side of the rock, Guatape, and El Penol.

At one point during the rock’s history, a group formed by a resident of Guatape climbed the rock to paint their city’s name across its face. A resident of the neighboring city of El Penol made certain to meet the resident of the opposing town with their own mob, prematurely ending the graffiti that would lay claim to the formation.

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Whichever side of it you are on, the Rock of Guatape is so large it can be seen from pretty much anywhere you are standing in either city.

The rock also has a set of 659 step that is sure to lead to an excellent view of the surrounding area.

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