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33-Year-Old Swimmer Spent 5 Months In The Sea To Swim Around The Island Of Great Britain

Source: Red Bull House Media

Swimming can be a very useful skill. If you still do not know how to swim, learn as soon as possible. Not only can you save lives, but if you become a strong enough swimmer, you can get into competitions. If racing against others isn’t your thing, why not breaking a world record?

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Gliding through the water in a pool is hard enough, but what if you’re 33-year-old swimmer and fitness expert, Ross Edgley? He became inspired after hearing the story of Captain Matthew Webb, who swam the English Channel in 1875, even after warnings of how treacherous the journey would be.

Edgley did one better and swam around the entire island of Great Britain. Both were told that their swims were impossible and both proved everyone wrong. While swimming the channel took considerably less time, the 33-year-old swimmer spent a total of 5 months at sea. Ross also spent six hours swimming each day.

It was a taxing adventure as his body showed, suffering from sleep deprivation and developing a condition called ‘salt mouth.’ This caused parts of Ross Edgley’s tongue began to disintegrate due to saltwater content.

After breaking the record like swimming the UK’s entire South Coast and swimming around the entire island of Great Britain, Edgley felt like swimming was the easy part: “The biggest challenge now is learning to walk again! My biggest fear when I was coming out of the water and back onto the beach was that I was going to fall over. As I’ve not stepped foot on land for over five months, the tendons and ligaments in my feet have been asleep, so I basically have to learn to walk again. But in terms of bigger thinking, and I know this will sound weird, but I’m still not bored of swimming. A few big swims have been mentioned and this is probably the most ‘swim-fit’ I’ll ever be, so who knows?”

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