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Russia’s Biggest Female Bodybuilder Puts Most Men To Shame, But Wait Until You See Her Before Photo

Nataliya Kuznetsova Trukhina is the most successful and biggest Russian female bodybuilder. She is the champion of multiple worldwide contests and has been breaking records ever since. But that isn’t what makes her story so impressive. She has been through some really rough times and her career choice seemed to have caused her a lot of pain. But, no matter how hard it has been for her, she stayed true to herself and followed her biggest passion: powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Ever since Nataliya discovered her fitness passion she has been gaining a lot of attention. But she didn’t enjoy all of it, because people often made rude comments about her appearance that hurt her in many ways. However, her transformation from a 14-year-old girl that was bullied for being skinny to her current shape is very impressive. Read on to hear her touching story and see her ‘before photo’.

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1. Pure Muscle

Nataliya Kuznetsova is a professional Russian bodybuilder and European arm lift champion. But that isn’t the only reason why she’s famous in the field of fitness.

Weighing 220 lbs, this 27-year-old is also the heaviest female bodybuilder in the world. No wonder that she can put even the biggest male bodybuilders to shame with her huge muscles. We are sure you wouldn’t like to mess with her.

2. An Athletic, But Skinny Child

Since she was a child Nataliya enjoyed doing sports, and she started doing combat sport at a very young age. She weighed only 88 lbs when she was fourteen, and she was being teased for being so skinny and scrawny.

Nataliya got sick of it, and decided to gain more muscle by hitting the gym. No one could believe that it took her only two years to become a pro-powerlifter and win the title of Zabaikayle Region Champion. That’s when she knew she found her true calling.

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3. Massive Arms and Legs

Today, you can call her anything but skinny. She is 5 ft 5 in tall, and her weight is almost completely consisted of pure muscles. But can you guess how big her arms and legs are?

Her arms measure around 18.5 inches, while her legs measure a circumference of 28.3 inches. Isn’t that impressive? What guy could stand proudly next to her? But that’s not all. She can also deadlift 529 lbs and bench press 374 lbs.

4. Pumped On Steroids

Nataliya admitted that steroids give her a special edge during the competitions. She also thought of trying growth hormones, peptides and insulin at one point, but she realized that they weren’t for her.

Luckily for her, the competitions she frequently competes in do not require taking tests to check for steroid usage. Will that remain this way?

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5. Online Bullies

Although Nataliya is very proud of her achievements and likes the way she looks, she was the subject of plenty of hate talk on the internet. Cyberbullies criticize her for her body and lifestyle and she has something to say about it.

Nataliya said in an interview that while on the streets no one would ever make fun of her or insult her, on the internet, it’s a completely different story. People that wouldn’t dare saying anything in person, end up hating on her on social media and internet.

6. Haters Everywhere

Nataliya has spoken about why she stopped posting on social media. She claims that whenever she posts a photo of her, she gets plenty of hateful messages that hurt her.

Even if there are also nice and encouraging comments from people that call her an inspiration and idol, she still can’t bear with the negativity the haters spread on each of her comment sections.

7. Born For Weight Lifting

When asked about her unexpected success Nataliya said: “Just a few months after I started exercising, I performed at regional competitions and I liked it very much. I became an absolute champion of Zabaikayle Region when I was sixteen.”

“That’s how it all began. I even did army dogfighting. I was not too bad. Results became visible pretty fast.” It is more than clear that this girl was talented from the start. Powerlifting was definitely her thing.

8. Breaking Records

Becoming the region champion at 16 years old didn’t seem to satisfy this lady. She dedicated her life to powerlifting and aimed to get better every day.

Two years ago, Nataliya made it to become the world arm lifting champion and world bench press champion. As if it wasn’t enough, this girl also holds the title as the European bench press and deadlift champion.

9. A Heavy Hobby

Nataliya has managed to go viral thanks to her rare physique and became an online celebrity. Going to the gym has always been a huge passion of this young powerlifter.

Even if she has dedicated more time and hard work than others could even imagine, this girl still calls it a hobby and states: “Hobbies should be fun, if not, what good is a pastime.”

10. An Expensive Hobby

Even if this young bodybuilder is surely among the best in the field, if not the best, she said that she has been experiencing financial crisis because of her hobby. Daily training and travels to competitions take up most of her money.

And since she spends most of her time in the gym, she doesn’t have time to get a side job either. That’s why this 27-year-old tries to rely on sponsors that would provide her a steady income.

11. Heavy Debt

Nataliya claims that finding sponsors in Russia is almost an impossible task to do. Female bodybuilding and powerlifting not being so popular in Russia, make it very difficult for anyone in the field to find steady sponsorships.

As a result, Nataliya was forced to fund most of her expenses and travels by her own which left her with a large amount of credit card debt. Is all of it really worth it?

12. Accepting Donations

Nataliya has mentioned few times that she’s not a big fan of social media, but she did use Facebook in hope of finding a sponsor. She also shared her personal email address with her followers for any sort of donations.

She complained about how her hobby is not supported in her country and therefore, there’s no funding for bodybuilders and powerlifters. She added that all the trips to the championships were conducted at her expenses only which left her with no money left.

13. Desperate For Money

Nataliya went so desperate to make some money that she tried to sell Skype sessions to her fans for $7 a minute. She tried selling videos of her posing and training, saying that the video would cost $5 per minute.

Left in despair for money, Nataliya offered personal advice on training via Skype for $100 on each session. She used Facebook too for creating a closed group where she promoted all of her “products and services”.

14. Nataliya The Teacher

Even if powerlifting is not a popular sport for girls in Russia, Nataliya got the opportunity to teach another impressive powerlifter and be her mentor. The impressive Julia Vins became an internet sensation after her photos of her muscular body and Barbie-like face went viral.

Julia often trains under Nataliya’s wing who still teaches her new techniques and exercises. She mentors her with the scope of making her as big as her if that’s even possible.

15. 100% Real Muscles

A lot of people on the Internet commented that photos of Nataliya are “fake” or “photoshopped”. If you doubt that yourself, check the videos she continues to post on Youtube, that proves everyone wrong.

While it is true that we are surrounded with a lot of fake news and photoshopped women all over the internet, don’t let this girl fool you. She is really that fit!

16. Instagram Comeback

Recently, Nataliya opened a new Instagram profile and with a total of 659 posts today she has 381k followers. Last year she had 184k, which means she doubled the number of followers in just one year.

On her Instagram account called nataliya.amazonka she posts photos of her on vacation, at the beach, and of course at the gym.

17. Famous Doppleganger

What this young powerlifter clearly showed on her Instagram profile, is her passion for traveling. She recently visited the Belgrade Fortress in Serbia and the Platinum Casino in Bulgaria.

Another thing she revealed is her admiration for Angelina Jolie. She even posted a photo of the movie start next to her, while she was striking the same pose as the famous actress. A lot of her fans went crazy and said that they look alike, despite Nataliya’s muscular body.

18. Passion For Food

Even if Nataliya doesn’t have an ounce of fat in her body, she also has a passion for food. She often posts photos of her “carb-loading” meals.

To everyone’s surprise, the impressive bodybuilder shared a photo of a waffle covered in ice cream and chocolate sauce. Plus, there was a huge Pina Colada next to it. We guess she must be burning a lot of calories!

19. Well Hidden Personal Life

Even this 27-year-old avoids talking about her personal life, she did post several photos with her husband and his son.

The couple got married a couple of years ago. Could you guess where they met? At the gym, of course, and they both share the passion for lifting. Her husband is her biggest support and he is her personal trainer too.

20. Daily Workout

While people expected her to watch her weight every day, she proved them wrong. She said that she doesn’t even measure her bicep every day. What she does, on the other hand, is follow a very strict workout regimen.

Her training routine includes lots of powerlifting exercises and no cardio at all. We suppose all of her fellow gym members feel discouraged when seeing her daily exercise routine.

21. Female Bodybuilders Subculture

Female bodybuilding is still new and not so common in Russia. But in America, it is a whole other story. This sport became a competitive sport in the late 70s and has been becoming more popular ever since.

Today, America counts over thousands of professional women bodybuilders. ABC news recently talked about the “Secret world of women’s bodybuilding” and called it a subculture.

22. Muscle Obsession

The article focuses on how one becomes a bodybuilder. And it mentions that most of them actually never plan on becoming one. That was confirmed by a former bodybuilder Katie Arnoldi.

She said that she started hitting the gym only to get back in shape after giving birth to two kids, but then she slowly turned obsessed and “fell into the bodybuilding subculture”. She even called this obsession the “opposite of anorexia”.

23. Bodybuilding Destiny

During an interview, Nataliya said that she always felt like bodybuilding profession chose her. The powerlifter said that was always interested in power and combat sports since she was really young.

Due to her impressive muscles and strength, Nataliya received several nicknames from her fans and friends including Freak Mass Woman or The Russian Amazon. We have no doubts on why they chose these nicknames.

24. Bodybuilding Dream

Unlike in Russia, many American female bodybuilders became icons in popular culture and were completely embraced by the sports community.

Many of them that became very famous are Jennifer Broomfield Jennifer Rish, Cory Everson, and Gladys Portugues, who was married to the famous martial artists and actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

25. Psychological Benefits

Many psychologists believe that female participation in bodybuilding should be encouraged more. They claim that what attracts female athletes to this lifestyle are often weight and self-esteem issues.

With the help of bodybuilding, a lot of women overcome these and other mental issues and feel more empowered.

26. Not Giving Up

The Russian female bodybuilder was still struggling with her financial matters. That’s when she decided to enlist her to a unique website dedicated to fans of female bodybuilding.

Her fans could pay her to pose to the camera while performing her exercises. This way Nataliya was trying to earn additional funds to maintain her strict lifestyle.

27. Ignoring The Haters

Nataliya continues to receive a lot of negative comments. She tries not to let them get her down, even though she admits that rude comments can often hurt. These hateful comments were also a reason because she stopped writing on forums.

However, there are still a lot of people that are leaving her kind comments of support and encouragement daily on her Instagram page.

28. Side Effects

Most people get surprised when hearing Nataliya’s voice for the first time in one of her videos. While steroids that she claims give her a special edge during the competitions, they still carry great risks for anyone who consumes them. One of the side effects is her deep, manly voice.

Not only, but female bodybuilders who take steroids can also suffer from numerous side effects that are similar to what males experience during puberty. And that includes developing a deeper tone of voice, increased body, and facial hair as well as baldness.

29. Being At The Center Of Attention

Wherever she goes, Nataliya stays a constant center of attention. Like most women, she loves going shopping or going to beauty salons. But all these tasks are very difficult for her without having people staring at her.

She said, “When I go out on the street, I will know for sure that everyone will pay attention to me. In my life, it’s sometimes easier for an alien to go unnoticed than me. I try to ignore all of these distractions”.

30. Strict Workout Plan

The secret to Nataliya’s workout plan is repetitions. She said that she works on every muscle group at least once a week. She also does back workouts twice a week, one for “width”, and other for “thickness”.

If there’s no big competition ahead, the Russian bodybuilder works out 6 times a week. However, when a major contest gets closer, she decreases her training to only 3 times a week.

31. Diet Rich In Proteins

As people probably know, bodybuilders tend to stick to high-protein diets. The same is true for Nataliya, although she has a special diet build for her that also includes carbohydrates from rice and buckwheat.

On a regular basis, her meals are composed of 6 eggs with two yolks, meat (mostly chicken), fish, high-fat cheese and a lot of greens and vegetables that are rich in fiber. She also takes vitamin supplements to enhance her strength.

32. Inspiration

Many young bodybuilders perceive Nataliya as an idol. When asked to give advice to your girls that want to train themselves, but are afraid of their environment’s reaction she said:

“Go and train yourselves, I know that many women are afraid of being perceived as ‘buffs’ but this will not happen. You should go and grant yourselves a beautiful, athletic figure.”

33. Increased Recognition

Even though the rough times without sponsors were a real nightmare for Nataliya. And despite her being in debt and covering most of her expenses on her own, she’s now a sponsored athlete of sports nutrition brand Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Do4a.com clothing brand.

Each sponsor support means a lot to her because it provides her with funds to maintain her strict lifestyle and focus on her routine. We’re glad to know that she is slowly gaining recognition she really deserves.

34. On The Edge Of Addiction?

What many of her fans wonder is “Did Nataliya got addicted to the sport?” While this is definitely hard to say, we can surely state that she indeed look way more different than before.

She shared a rare photo of her before and after to her followers. Even if she was in a pretty good shape in the before picture, she still looked tiny compared to her after photo. There is also another thing to be included while talking about differences. Nataliya also did a breast augmentation surgery a few years ago.

35. Nataliya Kuznetsova Before Bodybuilding

No one could recognize the young powerlifter on this photo she shared. Compared to how she looks now, she really does seem massive. On the other hand, on this before photo, we see a regular, fit girl.

It is impressive to think what she managed to reach in just a few years. However, she put a lot of hard work and determination in order to transform her body entirely.

36. Not Embarrassed

Daily Mail Online posted some photos of Nataliya recently and caused a wave of rude remarks about her body and hateful comments about her taking steroids.

Nataliya never tried to hide this and was very open about using them. She has admitted to taking anywhere from 150 to 200 mg of Primobolan or Proprionate before she competes. She also takes 20 mg of oxandrolone each day she trains.

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    Many people on the internet have commented on how fake or photoshopped the photos of Nataliya are. She continues to prove everyone wrong by posting several videos on Youtube of her working out at the gym, and it is clear that they are the real thing. Yes, in a world filled with fake news, it is sometimes hard to believe. But don t be fooled, this girl really is really that fit! If you don t believe it, go to youtube and check her out for yourself.

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