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Ryan Debolt’s Biography And How He Married Sara Ramirez

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It is never easy to be part of someone’s life when they are high profile. Whether that person in the limelight is a person’s parents, children, friend or spouse, one is bound to be shown in the public eye. It is no different for Ryan Debolt, wife of Grey’s Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez.

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Debolt’s Story

Born in Mexico City, Mexico on September 25th, 1980, Debolt spend a great deal of his childhood in his home country. After a few years, though, his parents decided to move north, to the United States.

Thanks his lack of presence in the majority of media and online, Debolt is able to stay relatively unbothered. Aside from his wife and immediate family, not many people know what his education background consists of or even where he got that education to begin with.

One thing people know for certain is his career designation: a business analyst. Debolt works as an analyst for the Paris-based logistics company TIMEC.

But despite his efforts to stay out of the limelight, being married to someone as well-known as Sara Ramirez makes that a little harder to do. Because he is married to Ramirez, he gets the usual public scrutiny every celebrity undergoes.

Sara Ramirez

Those who watch the television series Grey’s Anatomy know her as Dr. Calliope Torres. Ramirez landing the role was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When a producer from the ABC station had told the actress “pick a show and we’ll put you on it,” Grey’s was mentioned without hesitation.

The actress was a huge fan of the show, so naturally, she’d want to be part of her favorite show’s universe. Initially, according to producer Shonda Rhimes, the initial concept for Torres was as a girlfriend for George.

She’s also appeared on such shows as NYPD Blue, Third Watch, and Law and Order: SVU.

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How the Marriage Happened

No stranger to being watched closely while in public, Ramirez managed to keep hers and Debolt’s relationship a secret for quite some time. But theirs is a story well worth sharing for the romantic aspects alone.

Adamant about having formed a spiritual connection during their first meeting, Debolt and Ramirez absolutely attest to falling in love at very first sight. The couple dated for about a year before they got engaged in 2011, with Debolt proposing in Paris.

Not surprisingly, the couple was officially married a year later. To make it even more special, the wedding was held on July 4th, 2012.

A Little Privacy

The ceremony and reception were not highly publicized events, which should be no surprise given the actress’s feelings on making personal life public. It took place on a New York beach with only close friends and family in attendance.

Any Children

So far the analyst and actress have announced no plans to have children together. Die-hards fans of Ramirez are desperate to see her have a child, hoping and crossing her fingers that the child is blessed with her looks.

Still Married

Ramirez played an openly bisexual character on the show Grey’s Anatomy. Being that Torres was the first openly gay bisexual woman of color in the history of television, the show began to appeal to a far wider audience than before.

Staying with the show for at least a decade, Ramirez and the Grey’s team parted ways in 2016.

Shortly after leaving the ABC drama, Ramirez publicly announced that she was bisexual. Usually, such an announcement would simply receive a shoulder shrug, but somehow this information spawned rumors that Debolt and Ramirez were headed right for divorce.

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The couple is happier than ever and there is absolutely no sign of them breaking it off in the near or distant future.

A Big Heart

Debolt found quite a woman in Sara Ramirez. After announcing her sexuality, she made sure to use her star power for LGBT rights campaigns. A member of the True Colors United board, she is also a member of the LGBT Centers in San Diego, New York, and San Francisco.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation awarded her the Ally for Equality Award back in 2015.

Other ‘Nominations’

Her work on Grey’s Anatomy earned her a few nominations for Best Actress at the NAACP’s Image Awards and the ALMA Award. Along with her co-stars, she won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

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