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This Castle In Italy Is Inspired By Moroccan Art And Has A Total Of 365 Rooms Inside

Castles are an interesting relic from human history. They tell a lot about the people that lived there. Despite these special buildings changing hands, they sometimes cost too much to maintain. One castle near Florence, Italy though forgotten to time, is being brought back thanks to a group dedicated to its preservation.

Sammezzano Castle, located in Leccio, Reggello, probably has one of the more impressive histories in that region of Europe. It was first built in 1605 for Ximenes of Aragon, a Spanish noble. After changing hands a few times, it became something more than a noble’s house after World War II.

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Until the 1990s, it functioned as a 5-star hotel with more amenities than most hotels have today. For nine years it stood on its own neglected before some necessary upkeep was done to keep it standing.

With 365 rooms to spare, you can stay in a different one every single day of the year. It has a variety of rooms like colorful, geometrically decorated Peacock room, and White room complete with Moroccan mosaic tiled floors.

It has a total of 365 rooms, with none of the decorations ever repeating.

Enter the committee known as FPXA 1813-2013, an acronym for Ferdinand Panciatichi Ximenes, the second person to inherit the castle in 1853.

On rare special occasions, the committee arranges with the owners for visits to the castle, though there is no electricity or water.

The Sammezzano Castle is only open to the public for visits on rare occasions and it’s impossible to visit it spontaneously.

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The castle is surrounded by a beautiful expanse of 450 acres, dotted with exotic trees from around the world. Sammezzano’s grounds are home to Italy’s largest group of giant sequoias, a tree known for growing to monstrous heights.

The grounds surrounding the castle are also filled with fountain and an artificial cave where one can admire a statue of Venus.

It’s great that someone has taken it upon themselves to preserve a piece of history. Hopefully, in the future, that history can be shared with the rest of the world in a lengthy stay at Sammezzano.

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