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15 School Memories Only True 80s Kids Will Appreciate

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Every decade has something that makes it incomparable. It can be great music, new inventions or some world records. Simply, there is always something that can make you say – Oh! Do you remember the ’80s and how great it was? That is something that adults would say. But, what would kids say?

When it comes to kids they usually make the most from the things that they can easily engage with. For kids, most of the fun things happen in school or while they are spending time with their friends. And, let us tell you – ’80s kid’s had a lot of fun. Check out the top 20 things that made everyone’s childhood better during the ’80s.

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15. Helix Calculator Pencil Boxes

Nothing says school time like having a pencil case on your hand. Some had a pencil case that was used for drawing, while some had a pencil case that looked like a calculator.

We don’t know why someone believed that having a pencil case disguised as a non-working calculator was a great idea, but we know that it was for sure the most interesting thing for kids ever.

14. SMP Maths Books

SMP stands for ‘School Mathematics Project’. At the time, this workbook was the main reason why kids were sweating during classes.

Maths is still a big struggle for the majority of people even nowadays. However, thanks to this book the ’80s kids had at least interesting workbook design that kept things easier.

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13. Head Bags

Having a ‘Head’ bag in’80s was a big deal. So, if you were lucky enough to own them, you would be the most popular kid in school. You would be the ‘cool kid’ of your crew.

Head bags were mostly used to store P.E. Kits, but ‘Head bag’ owners would be still cool even if they used it for everyday school equipment.

12. Berol Pens

During the ’80s the most popular and the finest fountain pen, was a Berol Pen. This was the ‘must-have’ item if your grades were really good.

However, some kids used to use a Berol Pen for melting them on a radiator and making them bendy. After all, this pen was made for creativity and it’s up to people to choose how to use them.

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11. Hymn Books

Knowing your school’s hymn or your country is a big deal, even nowadays. But, knowing any hymn is just mission impossible for some people.

But, the ’80s school kid had hymn books and knew the hymns, so lines such as ‘the lord of the dance’ or ‘all things bright and beautiful’ stuck forever.

10. Granny’s Garden

This is one of those art games that everyone enjoyed on school’s BBC Microcomputer. You probably remember the main creature with a pink hat.

The terrifying wicked witch comes with some scary sound effects and simple commands. You would just have to type ‘run’ or ‘look’ to progress through the game.

9. Bunsen Burners

Playing this game was like asking for trouble, moreover that Bunsen Burners was equally interested both to girls and boys of all age.

Luckily, most of the kids were on their best behavior, although there was always at least one kid who would insist on burning a hole on jumper or pencil case.

8. One, Two, Three And Away! Reading Books

During the 1980s the most popular school reading book series was called ‘One, Two, Three And Away!’. If you don’t know what we are talking about, it’s OK.

But, when we mention characters such as Roger Red-hat, Billy Blue-hat, and Jennifer Yellow-hat, you know who are we talking about, right?

7. Chalk Boards

You don’t get to see too many chalkboards nowadays in modern schools. They are still seen in rural areas, while they were common in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Chalkboards were great for hearing the nervous teacher’s nails being scraped down a chalkboard. It’s one of the most horrific sounds one can ever experience and survive.

6. Electronic Pencil Sharpeners

This device was strictly reserved for teachers and in most cases, it was a source of frustration for kids for one reason only.

Kids were not allowed to use the device, but they loved the sound of it. Furthermore, they couldn’t wait for poor HB to lose their head.

5. New Kids On The Block

New Kids On The Block was a boy band from Massachusetts that was a big part of ’80s culture scene. Moreover, everyone talked about them, especially the girls.

So, during the ’80s it was ‘a must’ to argue with your friends about the cutest member of New Kids on the Block. The best part here? You could see their photos around the whole school.

4. Pocket Rocker

The ’80s gave the world some of the world’s greatest hits, so no wonder that this era had so many diverse portable music devices.

Nothing was so awesome as rocking tunes on your Pocket Rocker. Besides, it looked also very fashionable and it was great for the class break.

3. John Hughes

The perfect date during the ’80s was holding hands in the cinema and watching John Hughes movies. Everyone loved his work and his movies.

Being a true ’80s kid meant that you know every John Hughes movie by heart and that you could come to school dressed as your favorite character. This was an experimental fashion period.

2. Spandex

Ok, you probably can’t imagine wearing the spandex in school nowadays, but a few decades ago it was a big deal and acceptable by school and teacher.

Moreover, it was more than acceptable to wear neon spandex biker shorts with just a matching (or not) T-shirt to school.

1. Floppy Disc

Saving your homework and your data overall was an important thing in the ’80s. But, they didn’t own USB or mobile phones back then. So, how did they move homework from home to school?

This one is simple – Floppy Discs. This is not just the ‘save’ icon in Microsoft Word, it was a real deal. Don’t let the others trick you in thinking otherwise.

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