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Science Mysteries No One Has Figured Out

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Science has given us many things from vaccines for deadly illnesses to cameras that can see in the dark. Where electrically powered vehicles were once a thing of fiction, there are now car lots filled with hybrids and completely electric cars. Humanity in all its wisdom and technology still has a lot of work to do in knowing more.

There are still a few things that we lack understanding of. Here is a list of scientific mysteries that no one has been able to figure out:

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How Did the Universe Form?

There are many things we know about the universe: the orbits of astral bodies in our solar system, the multitude of black holes hanging in the dark, and what stars are made of. Despite our understanding of the cosmos, there is one answer that continues to escape us: how the universe began.

Stephen William Hawking, Ph.D., and Carl Sagan, two of the greatest cosmologists of in recent memory, could not answer this age-old question. Scientists today continue to experiment round the clock to determine the origin of our universe.

What Happens Inside a Black Hole

We don’t know how the universe started. We also have absolutely no idea what goes on in the center of a black hole. Things we do know about black holes: they are detected by the light they negate, they are unlike anything in the universe, and they are comprised of concentrated matter.

Imagine the concentrated matter of the sun smashed into an area slightly smaller than the city of Tokyo, Japan. The result of having such a high amount of matter in such a tiny space is a gravitational field so strong, not even light has a chance of escaping.

The Fate of the Universe

We haven’t figured out how our universe began, so it should come as no surprise there isn’t an inkling as to how it will end. All we know for certain is that our time on Earth is limited, as is the life of Sol, the star that our planet orbits.

The only thing scientists truly know is that the universe will end, but there are variables to consider: dark matter content, the density of the universe itself, and how it’s shaped (yes, if we all have a shape, the universe has to have one too).

Dark Matter

Nearly the whole of the scientific community believes the universe is strung together by “dark matter,” a substance devoid of light or energy whatsoever. The scientists who study dark matter are aware it exists but are unsure what it is made of. Since they cannot determine its composition, they cannot truly define exactly what it is.

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Sean Caroll, the CalTech cosmologist, shared his thought on his and other’s knowledge of the universe with Smithsonian Magazine. “We have a complete inventory of the universe and it makes no sense.”

How Did Life Start?

Throughout history, our understanding of how different species continue to evolve has continued to grow. As with the space sciences, biological sciences have had just as much trouble getting the answers they seek.

But one group of scientists may have come close to figuring it out the origin of life. Chemists were able to determine that “a pair of simple compounds, which would have been abundant on early Earth, can give rise to a network of simple reactions that produce the three major classes of biomolecules–nucleic acids, amino acids, and lipids–needed for the earliest form of life to get its start. Although the new work does not prove that this is how life started, it may eventually help explain one of the deepest mysteries in modern science.”

Egypt’s Great Pyramids

The great Pyramids of Giza are to this day some of the largest structures in the entire world. Even by today’s engineering standards, building such monuments would be a grueling feat. History has told us that the pyramids were built by slaves the Pharaoh had kept.

While forcing people into back-breaking labor seems like the easiest explanation, there are college professors who genuinely believe aliens had a hand in helping build these massive 3D shapes.

Other scientists say it was a simple system of pulleys, ramps, and some wet sand.

Do you have any ideas or possible answers for any of these scientific mysteries?

Is There Intelligent Life Outside of Earth?

Many occurrences on Earth are believed to be the work of extraterrestrials. We have yet to make contact with any alien life, but instruments on our planet have received odd radio signals that may suggest the answer is yes.

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What do you think of these scientific mysteries? Do you have any possible answers for them?

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