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These Slow Sea Creatures Have a Brilliant Defense Mechanism Against Predators

Most people probably don’t consider what lies beneath the surface of the ocean. Despite advances in human technology, there is still a great deal we have yet to learn of our aquatic neighbors. That being said, there are creatures we do know a lot about.

Have you ever wondered about the bottom feeders of the ocean? We know a few things about the commonly seen. The tail of a Shrimp steer the creature much like a propeller steers a boat. Starfish have things called “eye spots” at the end of each arm that is able to detect light or dark. They have eyes, but not in the traditional sense.

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Lesser known creatures exist that have some of the weirdest features you’ve ever heard of. We are talking, of course, about the almighty sea slug. A variety of species exists with each having a train unique to its genetics. There are a few species that might actually steal stingers from a Portuguese Man-o-war to use as their own.

Another, Chelidonura variant, has a shovel-shaped head for digging holes to hide in. California Black Sea Hare is a mammoth of a sea slug. The thing can grow nearly 3 feet in length. Its color comes from eating brown seaweed and kelp.

As the creatures are naturally toxic, it is dangerous to handle them for prolonged periods of time. Be wary of their slime or foul ink as well if you decide to pick one up and poke it.

Some aren’t so dangerous and really are just pretty to look at. Elysia Crispata is known for its similarity to a piece of lettuce and is so nicknamed the lettuce slug.

With as vast as the ocean is and how many undiscovered species there are, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find a sea slug that grew to more than four feet.

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