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This Cuddly Seal Proves That Seals Are The Real Sea Doggos

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Credit: @sealdiver (Ben Burville)

With the variety of creatures that live below the surface of the ocean, we are bound to be surprised every now and then. When we dive down into the deep blue, we are graced with beautiful sights like multi-colored coral reefs and the teeming life that hides among the crevices.

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It may not seem like it, but a few animals in the world’s oceans have had great interactions with humans. Some people have swum with wild dolphins and even swam alongside the mighty whale shark. While it’s easy to find places to swim with these creatures, others behave a little more random.

Seals are known for being playful with each other, but there hasn’t been a much-documented interaction between the animal and a human, unless the human were a keeper at a zoo or aquarium.

In a video posted to Facebook recently, one diver was surprised by a seal’s desire to get loads of affection from the man. Much the way a dog behaves when it wants attention, the seal kept nudging the diver’s hand with his head. It even went in for a couple of hugs and kisses.

There’s nothing like having such an experience with a creature from the ocean. It really makes a person feel like they are truly in touch with Mother Nature. Such an experience should always be seen as special.

Many people may see it as a random fluke, but for a wild seal to be so close to a human is quite remarkable. You may not be able to take one home, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you might be able to make friends with one out in the deep blue sea.

Have you ever had a better experience than expected with a wild animal? What did you think would happen before it did?

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