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After Participating In A Secret Santa Project, This Woman Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime From None Other Than Bill Gates

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Imagine getting a huge gift out of nowhere, you see a note attached to it, open it up and discover that someone very famous sent you a Christmas present! We know it sounds like a story that you tell to your kids so they behave well, but that’s exactly what happened to Megan Cummins for Christmas 2017.

It took her to enroll in a simple, online project on Reddit under the name VietteLLC and a lot of luck in order to get this gift that she will remember for her whole life! When Megan saw what her famous Secret Santa bought her, she couldn’t believe how he managed to buy her everything she has dreamed of. How did he know all of this?

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1. Annual Secret Santa Exchange

Each year, Reddit organizes an annual Secret Santa exchange. It is a project in which people exchange gifts with their matches picked by Reddit.

Whoever signs up as a Secret Santa, has to buy a gift for who shows up as his match. That’s a great way of starting off your Christmas, but who would ever expect to get a gift from none other than Bill Gates?

2. Santa Bill

What Megan didn’t know when she decided to sign up this year too for Reddit’s Secret Santa exchange, was that Bill Gates was also a regular participant in it.

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Each year he would send the best gifts ever to his giftees. He’d find the most valuable holiday presents to who turned out to be his match. She was more than lucky to have him as her match. But she didn’t know it yet. What did he buy her?

3. Lucky Wednesday Morning

It was just another Wednesday morning for Megan when a strange delivery arrived at her doors. She saw a huge box that she now couldn’t wait to open.

The first thing that popped out was a huge plush Pusheen! But when she took it out, she saw a photo that blew her mind. It was Bill Gates himself, posing with the exact same Pusheen she now had in her arms! When she realized who was her Secret Santa she couldn’t stop screaming!

4. The Biggest Gift Ever

When Megan enrolled in yet another Secret Santa Reddit project, she surely couldn’t expect anything like this. It must be the biggest gift she ever received.

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Look at how many wrapped up gifts are there! You probably realize now that Megan is a big cat-enthusiast since her cats photo-bombed this photo of Pusheen and other gifts Gates sent her.

5. By Bill Gates

Megan commented: “I always check out the Bill Gates post and laugh… never for a second even considering it a possibility for me.”

Not only did he surprise Megan with this gigantic Pusheen, but he also thought about other things she always wanted to have. Apparently, Bill sent her a couple of notes too.

6. Cross-stitch and Books

But Microsoft mogul didn’t stop there! He sent her a one-of-a-kind cross-stitch of Megan, Bill and Megan’s 4 cats!

She’ll surely appreciate this when she’s 90 and remembering all the crazy stuff that happened to her. The gift she received on Christmas 2017 will certainly be one of them. But was this all?

7. Goodies and Dr Who Cat Tardis

Apparently, Bill really wanted to make a good impression and show his generosity. He also included in the gift around 5-6 gadgets, a Dave Matthews Band t-shirt and a DIY Dr. Who Cat Tardis.

Megan probably thought that all of the gifts she got from Microsoft mogul were more than enough! That’s way more than most people get to place under their Christmas tree! But it seems that Bill had something else to give.

8. Another Thought

Apparently, Bill went through Megan’s online profile to find out what she was really passionate about. How thoughtful of someone so busy and famous!

She received a gift card to True Grit, a digital design resource, as well as a miniature Austrian snow globe with a kitten inside. But there were other three cards included…

9. Donations

As you have probably guessed these were donations. But Bill Gates didn’t just give any donations in Megan’s name, he really gave it a thought and made Megan even happier.

He donated $250 to three Cat organizations that were protecting stray cats: The FFRC, The Stray Cat Alliance, and Town Cats. These donations resonated perfectly with Megan’s dreams. She said: “My life goal is to fully fund a no-kill cat shelter one day and reform the U.S. shelter system to be entirely no-kill.”

10. A Letter

But apart from all the gifts that Megan got, Bill took time to write her another letter. He started the letter with “Dear Viette LLC” which is her Reddit name…

Gates took time not only to understand her biggest dreams and passion, but he also wrote her a personalized letter. Bill wrote her Christmas wishes and asked her to give a scratch behind the ears to her four cats for him.

11. Enjoying Her Gift

Megan took immediately photos of her gifts and shared them with Reddit community that always waits to see who was this year’s famous Secret Santa.

But, her story got viral and she got interviewed a couple of times. She said in one of them: “The best part? Well, second to the donations and gigantic Pusheen…Knowing that at some point during my workweek Bill Gates was somewhere having a professional photo taken with a jumbo Pusheen and writing me notes about cats”

12. Bill Gates Himself

In order to stop the hate-speech on Reddit, Bill Gates also sent her a photo of him holding the letter and sitting next to the 30-pound Pusheen.

It was a proof that the source of these great gifts was indeed the Microsoft mogul. Will Megan continue to sign up for Reddit’s annual Secret Santa gift exchange?

13. Best Christmas Gift

Megan couldn’t help but make a video to thank Bill Gates for his thoughtful gifts. She was more than lucky to be his match in the gift exchange, and Gates proved to be a great Secret Santa.

While Megan won’t probably get another opportunity to have Bill Gates as her Secret Santa, but she will surely keep hoping to meet the Microsoft mogul to thank him in person.

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