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Seth Bullock Quotes – Deadwood

HBO gave us many television shows and movies. Regardless of how good movies and shows are and for long they last, there are always some creations that kind of stuck with us.

We always return gladly to them and re-watch it. Even for a few times. They are just that good.

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One of those worth re-watching HBO’s shows is definitely unforgettable ‘Deadwood’. Some critics went even step further, by saying that Deadwood is the best drama HBO has ever made.

Deadwood is an HBO television drama that kept everyone pin to the couch from March 2004 to August 2006. Set in the 1870s in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, the show features the best that America had to offer in that time.

Everyone who mattered something during that time was in this show. Everyone from Calamity Jane, Al Swearengen, Sol Star, Wild Bill Hickok, and amazing Seth Bullock transformed Deadwood from rowdy and lawless camp to civilized camp.

Historically, Bullock was known for being uncompromising and above all fearless that he managed to fulfill his tasks without killing anyone.

Therefore, no wonder that HBO decided to give this character so much space.

Deadwood’s story is set in the period of the gold rush when the area was lawless and rather awful. No wonder, that people loved Seth so much.

Having a character that’s able to walk ankle-deep in sucking mud and spilled blood, with a strong personality and dignity is something that’s not offered in this manner.

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Bullock stood for justice and for enforcing justice for a common good. He is also, thanks to his personal traits, a minority.
In addition, he was one of few who didn’t come to find gold, but start a business – to open a hardware store for the miners. But we learned fast that his passion for justice is stronger than his entrepreneurial spirit.

He is really representative of how one man fights to find his place in the world that works completely different than his beliefs. It affects his love life as wee, because we can see him struggling between doing the right and what he truly wants.

Everything is more challenging when you add up a little love, no? But, altogether, every situation that he put into gave him an amazing opportunity to learn and develop.

During the entire drama, we can see him jiggling between making friends and even more enemies.

Being a strong persona, someone who is determined, moral, and honest despite his moral, gives are some of the most memorable quotes to remember him for and to use his philosophy on an every-day situation.

Here are the 5 most memorable Bullock’s quotes.

Seth Bullock Quotes

1. “Can you let me go to hell the way I want to?”, Seth Bullock to Charlie Utter

2. “It was a turn of events.”, Seth Bullock

3. “I suppose you’d best take your swing.”, Seth Bullock

4. “Sometimes the good guy isn’t the nice guy.”, Seth Bullock

5. “I will beat you here in the street.”, Seth Bullock

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