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This Cat’s Reaction After Her Owner “Magically” Disappears Is Hilarious

We all know that cats sometimes transform into weird little creatures that can’t stop cracking us up. Animals being awkward somehow make us feel better, or is it only because we know we’re not alone?

However, cats seem to be masters of awkwardness. They have unbelievable mood swings and react in the most unpredictable ways. That’s why cats easily become Internet sensations and as a result, we end up loving them even if in the beginning we weren’t really cat-persons.

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Well, this cat is about to do the same. Its reaction is so hilarious that it caused more than 1000 comments on Reddit.

Its owner wanted to do a “magic trick” in order to see its cat’s reaction. But he couldn’t expect the half of what was going to happen! At the beginning of the video, the cat, as usual, seemed completely indifferent about her owner waving with that colorful towel.

But as soon she saw her owner “disappear” she couldn’t hide the shock on her face. She first paralyzed, apparently not believing what just happened in front of her eyes. The poor cat then slowly stood up in hope that her human will appear again, but as soon as she didn’t see it coming, she had an even more hilarious reaction.

She approached the table, making sure she has “a shelter from this evil magic thing”. And then stood there in confusion, obviously disturbed by the missing of her owner.

The cat’s reaction inspired many genius comments on Reddit. Our favorites are from the Reddit user under the name Memeshaman commented “stands on two legs looks like I have to be the man of the house now.”, and another one of the user questhere : “Wait, the human is gone?! Did the human ever exist? Was I the human the whole time?!”.

This funny cat standing in awe just made our day much brighter! Share this article with your cat-loving friends and make them laugh!

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