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5 Signs You Should Move To A New City

Sometimes you just know that you need a change. You may feel obligated to change your job, to try the benefits of a better neighbourhood, or just to experience an entirely diverse world and customs. Often a need for a change comes from inner limbo that pushes you to start something new and upgrade your life.

If you are feeling lost and you are screaming for a change, maybe the change of scenery is just what you need. Here are 5 signs you should think about moving.

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1. You Haven’t Lived Anywhere Else

Although it may be scary to leave known and safe ground, you need to be well aware of your strengths and possibilities, and you can’t know them without putting yourself into unknown. You never know of what you are capable of until you actually try it. There are people out there who will stay in their hometowns forever, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, if you want something new you need to move. The worst case scenario – you try it, you don’t like it and you go back home. If this happens, you’ll be able to say that you actually did it and not just dreamed about it. And it will be awesome anyhow.

2. Your Goals Got Bigger

Do you remember that time when you strongly believed that living in your parent’s house is the best thing ever? Then you moved out, went to college, got a job, travelled frequently and realized that the world is the bigger place. With each step you had a chance to see and experience more, making you more worldly-wise and resistant to problems.

Naturally, it inspired you to set your goals higher. Maybe working on a beach and making world-class cocktails is your new goal or managing an overseas company. You should set your goals high and just go for it. At the end of the day no one is gonna do it for you and you deserve the best, right?

3. You Are Done With Bad Weather

You. Just. Can’t. Handle. The. Weather. Anymore.

It’s just not right. It’s either too hot, too cold or to wet and can’t handle it anymore. The weather makes you grumpy and being Grinch all the year round – you are just done with it. To some, this may seem like a silly reason to move, but the truth is that weather has a very strong impact on your emotional and health well-being.

Furthermore, although to some it may not seem as enough important priority remember that it’s all about you and if living on a tropical island or cold areas makes you happier, why not consider moving soon?

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4. You Complain About Your City 24/7

Hating your city occasionally is O.K. We all get stuck in the jam rush, hating that we have to pay that high rent, but we deal with it. But if you just can’t stand the weather, the transportation, local rules or the fact that there’s nothing fun to do after 11 pm, you’re living in a horror story.

So, if you’re complaining about every big and small thing in the city 24/7, you need to restart and create a more calming and fulfilling surrounding for yourself, because those things aren’t likely to change anytime soon. Make a list of a perfect town and surrounding, find it and go there to see how much you gonna love it. Or hate it, of course.

5. You Just Know It’s Time

You’re just ready. You can feel that you are eager for new experiences, for the unknown and everything that comes with it. Feeling that the current place is not giving you the best or maybe you’re not giving the best to it is a clear sign that you are a true local and there is nothing new for you to experience unless you create it.

Maybe you moved before, maybe not, but you are just ready for everything – from organizing the moving itself, finding the new home, settling in, meeting new people, changing the job, having a new boss, or be a boss, you are just ready to live it to the fullest.

You’re so ready to move, but you try to keep it silenced because you’re not sure how your friends and family would react, so you’re just waiting for a right moment, flash of inspiration or some friendly advice, maybe ever written words, to support you in your next step of doing what you really want.

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