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7 Signs You Need To Stop Drinking Immediately

Since its discovery, many forms of alcohol have been created. From jello shots and rum cake to 40 oz. bottles and 36 packs, plenty of people cannot seem to have fun without some form of alcoholic beverages. People cannot always see it from their perspective, so here are a few signs you should stop drinking:

1. Gotta Finish It Off

The consensus among many physicians is that a single glass of red wine a day is good for heart health. It is also advised that people take note of how much wine they ingest per day, so as not to go over the limit.

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Who knows, wine might be your favorite drink. You can’t watch an episode of Will and Grace without busting out some cheese and crackers to go along with your Merlot. If you can polish off a bottle in a day, you might want to slow down just a bit.

But, if you can polish off an entire bottle before the hour is up, you may very well have a problem. Drinking entire bottles of any alcohol in one sitting is a telling sign of alcoholism.

2. Every Day’s a Drinking Day

Some people are so attached to the ‘euphoria’ that alcohol gives them, it’s nearly impossible to go a single day without drinking. If you drink every day, slow it down and see if you can go a week without the sauce.

Relax without your favorite beer and gauge what you’re feeling. Do you feel a little woozy? Just bad? Do your best to take longer and longer breaks till you’re not drinking every single day.

3. Has Anyone Told You It’s a Problem?

The majority of those suffering from alcoholism can’t see it as a problem themselves. They may shrug off any discussion of alcohol-related issues or just avoid the topic of alcohol abuse completely.

If people are worried about even allowing you one drink, it is not a good sign. It is not easy to confront someone over their alcoholism. If it’s come down to someone sitting you down and discussing it, the problem may already be severe.

4. Not Drinking Makes You Sick

If an individual drinks consistently for an extended period of time, their body becomes dependent on the alcohol that is consumed. Just like any other drug, skipping a drink may come with some not-so-fun withdrawal symptom.

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Physical signs of alcohol withdraw include shaking, vomiting, dizziness and possible seizures. But, every person is different and what symptoms one displays another may not. Subtle signs of alcohol withdrawal can be as simple as a bad headache or mood.

Not sure if you need to stop? Take a three-day break and observe your body’s reaction. If symptoms are observed, that’s probably a sign alcohol should be cut out of your life.

5. Friends are MIA

Some people simply cannot handle their liquor, despite their admission to the contrary. Many people are ‘that guy’ in a group of friends, the one who cannot drink without swinging fists, being a total fool, or stripping.

Is there always a fight when you drink with friends? Has anyone just stopped talking to you after a night of drinking? If people are telling you that your behavior is driving them away, you should stop and listen to them.

6. Lying

The majority of people tell an average of six lies a day. It can be as simple as telling someone you just saw their message, or that you’re on your way to them. When it comes to drinking, you might be telling lies to ensure you have a drink.

If you are lying about how much you drink and the frequency at which you drink, it may be a sign of alcoholism.

7. Excuses

Drinking to celebrate a friend’s wedding, job acquisition, or their hospital recovery are typically acceptable occasions to have a drink or two. But when watching your favorite team score a touchdown drives you to buy a 12-pack, something is wrong.

It’s one thing to celebrate a holiday or special occasion, but celebrating by getting hammered is a bad sign.

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If you find yourself using every little excuse to have a drink, then there is a great chance you have a problem with drinking.

There are a great deal of risks associated with drinking alcohol in excessive amounts. Drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, and absolutely do not give alcohol to anyone under 21.

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