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9 Sings You’re A Workaholic And Need To Slow Things Down

We taught from a young age that we must always work hard to provide a good life for ourselves and family. There isn’t a discussion about the negative effects of working longer than other people normally would. Have you ever been called a workaholic because of how you work?

Here are a couple of signs that may mean you are a workaholic:

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1. First to Arrive and Last to Leave

Getting to work on time is very important. But is it necessary to be at the doors before your workplace is normally open? Do you ever stay late to catch up on work you don’t want to do the next day?

Striving to complete daily assignments is admirable, but do not work yourself so hard that you are only able to get two or three hours of sleep. And there’s no need to head into work super early. As long as you work diligently, keeping up with your work should not be a problem.

2. No Need to Lunch

Many people labeled workaholics may be so work-driven that they completely miss their lunch hour. Motivational speaker Stephanie Marston says, “Many of us believe that the best way to get more work done is to work more hours. But the reality is that we’re more productive when we build in intermittent periods of renewal during our day.”

Your workspace is also not the appropriate place to have lunch, considering it’s one of the dirtiest places in the office. Make sure to eat lunch during every shift. It’ll help you maintain an adequate energy level.

3. What’s a Hobby?

After a shift at work, do you simply go home to eat and watch tv for a short while before heading to bed? Another sign of workaholism is lacking any hobbies whatsoever. Remember that things like reading your work reports and working out are not really hobbies.

Get yourself into something that does not involve working as a hobby. Go out and tour a museum or check out the local music scene. You’re guaranteed to feel more relaxed if you do something else besides work.

4. Stresses at Home, Relaxed at Work?

Is work where you feel the most comfortable? Does being home make you anxious to no end? Normally, it would be work itself that is stressful for someone, which is healthy. Feeling relaxed at work is a sign you might need a vacation from work, according to psychotherapist Bryan E. Robinson.

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“Workaholics that cannot relax on vacation. Those people who are white-knuckling it, and becoming irritated and snappy – they’re actually going through withdrawal.”

5. Nothing is Good Enough

Are you a perfectionist whose work is never done? Does everything you do seem like it could use just a little more improvement? That is another sign you may be a workaholic. Sure, ensuring that your work is of the highest isn’t a bad thing, but don’t try to make something better than it needs to be.

Be proud of what you’ve already achieved. No need to shoot for the sky when you’re already a star.

6. Vacation is Work

When you go on vacation, it is meant to be a relaxing time to de-stress and re-energize your mind and body.

Does vacation appear for you an opportunity to get more work done? Or do you spend time looking at your phone to see if your boss e-mailed back that proposal? Working while you are out and meant to be relaxing may be a serious problem that needs addressing.

Marston states, “We have to discipline ourselves to take regular breaks and build them into our schedules.”

7. Feel ill?

If you feel under the weather, working too much might be the problem. Robinson says, “There are different degrees of workaholism. For people who I’d call very serious workaholics, there’s always a physical response. Research shows workaholics have higher burnout rates, truncated career trajectories, and that they’re at higher risk for heart attack and Type 2 diabetes. They also have a compromised immune system.”

8. The Phone’s Always On

It is important to have a balance between work and home life. Open availability may be a sign of a problem. According to Marston, “The reality is that only to the extent that you love and care for yourself are you able to love and take care of yourself.

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9. You Don’t See a Problem

Robinson says, “Workaholics are like alcoholics in that they often are in denial that they have a problem. It’s often a need to escape from something within themselves that they’re not aware of.”

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