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7 Sleep Habits That Will Help You Be More Energetic

You have probably heard it over and over again, but it remains true. To truly live the healthiest life possible, proper sleep habits are an absolute necessity. Not only does a full night’s rest help you function for work the next day, but that sleep gives you time to process the day’s stimuli.

If you’re still finding it hard to catch some shut-eye and refill your batteries, here are a few sleep habits you can adopt to make sure those energy reserves are replenished every night:

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1. Invest in a Diffuser

There are plenty of ways you can benefit from a diffuser. Many people swear by essential oils. They have been known to help aid in curing conditions such as insomnia, and sleep disturbances. Essential oils have also been known to ease anxiety in many individuals.

If an oil diffuser sounds like your kind of things, look for the best for sleep such as lavender or valerian essential oils. Those thoughts of yours fueled almost completely by anxiety, can be calmed with a bit of lavender oil while at the same time lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

Chamomile essential oil is said to help make it easier to actually fall asleep.

2. Lay Out Your Clothes And Workout Clothes The Night Before

A hectic day often starts with a person aching over what they should or shouldn’t be wearing to work. Even if you work at a place that requires a uniform, lay out your clothing the night before.

If you plan on working out after your shift, lay out your gym outfit next to your work clothes.

Adopting a routine that takes the stress away from choosing an outfit is guaranteed to help relieve stress. Having clothing prepped and ready for the coming day will let you ease into your morning.

3. Use a Different Type of Alarm

If you are like myself and find it difficult to wake up to an alarm, you have likely chosen something obnoxious that you know will force you up once it’s heard. You will be driving yourself to agitation before interacting with anybody, increasing your chances of being irritable at work.

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Instead of choosing an alarm tone that will make your curse the heavens above, pick something more relaxing like a rainforest tone. Some apps offer a soothing voice that wakes you up with positive affirmations.

Seriously, don’t do that to your heart.

4. Do a Meditative Activity The Hour Before Bed

A lot of people go to sleep with the day’s events on their minds. Whether it was a new coworker arriving to the office or a recent news story read in passing, we can’t always shake those thoughts away before slipping under the covers.

If there’s a lot on your mind, try to clear your mind by doing something like dishes or spot cleaning a room in the house. You can take a nighttime stroll with your family dog and listen to the sounds of the surrounding nature.

Whatever it is, do something that YOU find relaxing until your mind feels still enough for you to close your eyes.

5. Remove Your Phones and Gadgets

To say that our modern day society hasn’t become dependent on electronics would be a lie. Many people fall asleep to the glow of notification light from their last Facebook post.

Not only is the blue light emitted by phones harmful to our eyesight, but the multitude of information on the net can cause our minds to begin speeding back up after a meditation session.

If you have multiple social media account and can’t help yourself, put your phone on airplane mode leaving only your alarm on.

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6. Avoid Heavy Meals Before Sleeping

To make sure you have the energy for the next day, avoid any food that would feel “heavy” in your stomach. You might wake up a few times during the night, feeling the need to drink water and possibly visit the bathroom more than once.

It won’t just lessen the quality of sleep during the night, but that same heavy feeling will follow you all the way to work.

Instead, drink a calming, herbal tea that will ease you into sleep.

7. Get a Decent Night of Rest

The recommended average night of rest for most adults is anywhere between 6 and 8 hours. Ensure that everything is quiet when you decide to move to your bedroom so that there are no distractions.

Just be sure that when you turn the blanket over, you’re actually tired and ready to go to sleep.

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