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What Are The Smartest Animals On Earth?

There is no doubt you’ve heard of how smart certain animals are. From the common house cat to the jet-black raven, we have heard that these creatures are far more intelligent than we give them credit for.

Here is a list of the world’s most intelligent animal:

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1. Chimpanzees

With the primate sharing as much as 99% of its DNA with us, it should come as no surprise that these creatures possess a higher level of thinking than most. Their social hierarchy is very similar to that of humans, and like Washoe the Chimp, all have the potential to learn and communicate in fluent ASL.

Some of the species may walk upright like us, and ancient tools used by chimpanzee tribes have been uncovered at archaeological digs. You might not think so, but some have may have developed on their own the ability to start and snuff out a fire.

Reproductive age for humans is about 13 for females and 16 for males, exactly the same as our Chimpanzee cousins.

2. Bottlenose Dolphins

In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, the author alluded that these creatures were the second smartest creatures in the entirety of the universe. Amazingly, in our universe, they each have a unique vocal signature. Such a trait allows dolphins to find their mates when in a large pod (a group of dolphins).

Each dolphin develops a specific whistle that they can imitate to communicate with certain dolphins they wish to be close to. Think of it as the dolphin equivalent of saying “Hey, mark. I want to talk to you.”

The fisherman has recorded dolphins coordinating with their vessels to trap fish so that each species benefits from the catch.

3. Elephants

I have always thought that with such a massive skull, there would have to be a cerebrum to match. This is one of the few creatures where that rings true (a moment of silence for Africa’s Ostrich).

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These majestic giants have been recorded displaying traits such as empathy and compassion. They can also communicate using seismic signals, believed to be the only animal to do so.

4. African Grey Parrots

If Albert Einstein were ever turned into an animal, he would have ended up as an African Grey. They possess a level of logical understanding that most birds are not blessed with. The birds have a knack for counting and vocalizing their feelings.

Because they are such a complex species, demanding and highly sensitive, experts advise that only someone with proper training should keep them as pets. If your bird is on the sensitive side, take care to make changes to their environment very slowly.

5. Rats

These are the creatures we always hear about solving problems in labs and other settings. “Metacognition,” as it’s referred to, is the ability to make decisions based on one’s knowledge or lack thereof. Both rats and humans share the trait.

The rodents are completely self-aware, have ticklish spots on their body, and can even dream. My wife once had a pet rat who was very social and loved to be around his humans. You can also call them by name as you would a dog or a cat.

6. Crows

Despite their brain being the size of a human thumb, the body to cerebrum ratio classifies the bird as “large-brained.” Thanks to their massive thinkers, they are able to determine solutions to complex problems, and even recognize different human faces and who they belong to.

7. Dogs

This exact way to describe the intelligence of man’s best friend may vary from person to person. While learning to obey specific commands comes easier to certain breeds, a dogsled team is exclusively chosen between the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. It is possible because they possess higher resilience when it comes to extreme temperatures.

8. Pigeons

Think of these birds as the mathematicians of the avian world. Along with the Rhesus monkey, Pigeons can learn the rules of mathematics and recognize humans by their individual facial features.

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9. Pigs

The intelligence of a pig is said to surpass even our domesticated feline friends, the common house cat. Capable of amazing long-term memory, the can learn symbolic languages and learn to properly use a joystick programmed to manipulate an on-screen cursor.

10. Octopuses

Out of all the creatures lacking a spine, the eight-armed creatures take the cake for the biggest brain. Octopi have at least 130 million neurons, with most of them existing in their tentacles. Humans, on the other hands, possess 100 billion neurons.

Then tentacles have so many neurons, that if one is cut off, the severed segment will continue searching for food on its own.

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