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Sports That Are No Longer In The Olympics

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Olympics games have dominated the sports world for years. Sportsmen from all over the world come together in different competitions to showcase their talents. Over the years, many leisure sports have been seen making way to the Olympics and citizens of countries across the world attend to win for their countries.

Unlike Football, the Olympic games are quite different and with diversified tactics unavailable in the football world. The Olympics games were first started in April 1896 and comprised of ancient sports that can be traced back to modern-day London.

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Relays and running are the most dominant sports in the Olympics and inevitably the most recognized around the world. Some sports, however, are no longer recognized or competed against in the Olympics. In the recent years, the International Association of Athletics Federations scrapped some sports citing ‘unworthiness’ in the games.

This article highlights sports that are no longer in the Olympics championships. It gives a detailed explanation to help you understand some of the unique and weird games that you might have only seen in the movies. So, let’s get into it.

Equestrian Vaulting

This game was prominent with sportsmen who love horses. It is a game where an athlete jumps on top of a horse. Weird right? The winner was concluded when they successfully manage not to fall off the horse and it was famous among horse owners.


Despite being last played in the Olympics in 1920, this was and is still a fun game normally played on children’s sports days as well as in team-building exercises. Tug of war was first introduced as a sport in the 1900s where it involved two or more people on each side pulling a rope and the winner was realized when any of the team overpower the other. The game is still evident today despite getting scraped.


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This game was introduced in the year 1900 and only was played once in the Olympics. It was later removed because of a lack of participants at that time. After the world transformed into a global village, there has been a dynamic shift in the statistics and more people are seen playing it today.


The game is somehow similar to croquet and played with mallets. The mallets are short and it was a popular sport in local Britain before finding its way into the Olympics. This was seen in the early 1900s before it went off the Olympics as soon as it appeared.

Jeu De Paume

This type of game was considered the original tennis. It involved players hitting the ball with their hands and not using the rackets. The game was introduced in the early 1900 and faded with time after rackets were introduced. Its life was short-lived in the Olympics Championships as the hitting of the ball using hands became somewhat extinct.

Motorboat Racing

Motorsport was introduced first as a demonstration sport in the early 1900 Games, and in 1908 it became a fully-fledged sport. The players, in this case, the captains compete against each other in the eight-mile course.

This was prominent in the English speaking world and was later disbanded because of poor weather that disrupted the sports.


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This sport was evident in the Paris games at the Olympics and it involved two-man teams where a ball was fetched by placing a net-like object on the wall. Pelota has, however, has disappeared completely in the prestigious world championships.

Mountain Climbing

This sport involved players or contestants climbing a mountain and the winner was determined by whoever was higher measured in feet. The winner got a medal. Mt. Everest was among the first mountains used for the sport before the death of the game in the Olympics.


Polo is similar to cricket except that it is conducted on horseback between two teams of which comprises of four competitors on each end. The teams were likened to football teams as the sport slowly gained popularity in early 1900.

A team would score using mallets with long, flexible handles. It was later yanked from the Olympics games championships but is still retained as a favorite sport in English speaking nations.

These sports have slowly lost momentum but some countries still have local clubs playing some of the games. Cricket, for example, is still a relevant sport and has involved women in some championships.

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