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9 Strange Cat Behaviors Finally Explained

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Humans are usually defined by whether they are dog people or cat people. While this may seem insignificant, it has formed cult-like friendships glued to their preferred pet. You hardly ever find someone with both preferences. Dogs and cats are different. Where a dog is referred to as loyal, a cat is considered independent.

Cats or as others would call them felines are dubbed the connoisseurs of comfort. They are known for how they like to relax and mindful of their time. Cats have some strange and sometimes annoying habits that make no sense to humans and could be interpreted wrongly. Turns out most of these eyebrow-raising habits are quite natural behaviors. Some of these include:

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1. Chattering

Cats have a weird tendency of the emitting chattering of the teeth sounds especially when they spot potential prey like fish and birds but cannot hunt them down hence becomes a sign of frustration because of their hunting instincts. Their muscles become ignited ready to kill.

2. Bringing Gifts And Killings

Felines have a habit of bringing gifts to their masters or rather human friends as a token of appreciation for taking good care of it by feeding them. This may be regarded to others as absurd but they should not take it the wrong way. These grateful animals also bring forth rats, mice, insects, and sometimes chicken. Poultry farmers should keep their chicks away from cats to prevent an investment being brought as a trophy.

3. Biting And Chewing Strange Things

 Cats have a weird tendency of biting and chewing on materials that are not edible. These weird things include strings, clothes, rugs, rubber and plastic materials.

It is mostly associated with illness, anxiety and may be lacking some certain components in their bodies. Cats that have been weaned early mostly have this kind of behavior. Mostly when they chew on soft clothes and rugs they might end up chocking and some spit out cotton balls. It is dangerous since it may lead to death by choking or filling their stomachs with harmful materials. If such is exhibited it is advisable to take them to the veterinary.

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4. Knocking Things Over And Breaking Things

Cats are sleek attention seekers who are cute but may aggravate someone. To the cat owners, on a light note, do not ignore your feline because it will make you look for it. Cats also have curiosity in them that makes them use their paws to knock over things in the house. Their paws are highly sensitive hence they turn and move things around to check if they are alive therefore confirming if it is prey.

5. Cat Kneading

Cats demonstrating this kind of behavior are mostly due to three things. One, as it kneads its front paws; mostly it is preparing itself ready to take off at high speed. Secondly, it is also exhibiting its nursing behavior. Felines that were weaned early knead because it is a way of stimulating milk from their mothers to release milk. The kneading also releases its scent to mark its territory and also shows that it is happy.

6. Bouncing Off Walls

Cats are normally playful pets as they are curious. It is not surprising to find a cat jumping from one surface to the next chasing a fly around the house. Maybe it’s their predator instinct manifesting itself. They hardly ever sit still. This is normal and should be encouraged. The catch, however, is to ensure that the house is properly cat-proofed to avoid any accidents on them.

7. Dozing Off In Weird Places

You could have bought a four-tier cat basket for your cat and still find them cozied up in the small space behind the couch sleeping. Don’t take offense as this is normal for cats. Just like the big cats look for hidden small spaces to sleep and hide from predators, cats exhibit this quality too.

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8. Insomniac

Some cats don’t sleep at night and this worries many owners. This is normal as they are active pets and not enough activity during the day is bound to keep them wide awake. Always strive to keep them occupied all day with games so that they are too tired to make noise for you all night.

9. Poops Anywhere But In Her Litter Box

Cats are extremely private animals and never want to do their deeds in public. To avoid finding their poop under your bed when cleaning, keep their litter box in several parts of the house that seem secluded.

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