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Strange Facts About Famous Historical Figures You Haven’t Heard About

When we are taught things about historical figures in school, most of us don’t care to pursue any further. There couldn’t possibly be anything else about them that is remotely interesting. But when are we ever taught the crazy stuff? The weird things that adults don’t want you to know about?

Here are a few strange facts that your teachers probably never told you about:

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1. Tesla the Swindler

When it came to inventing, there was no one Edison hated and admired more than Nikola Tesla. It is said that Tesla was the man who truly invented the light bulb, but Edison had beat him to the patent office.

You would think that the founder of the AC current would be an honest man, right? Not as much as you would think.

Being an inventor has its ups and down, as Nikola Tesla understands quite well. Promises from him, though, were thought to be worth their weight in gold. In order to stay at a hotel, the inventor promised “death beam” worth $10,000 in exchange. The hotel obliged and what happens? When staff arrived at Tesla’s lab, the “death beam” was a box of mangled electronics.

Tesla also felt the company of women hindered his creative process and so never married. In his later years, he claimed that he fell in love with a pigeon from New York City. Everyone’s gotta love somebody, right?

2. Mark Twain

The author is famous for plenty of books his two most notable being: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Saywer.
Twain’s interests did not lie solely in literature. He was also fascinated by the stars. Perhaps being born on a Halley’s Comet year (1835) had something to do with it. It was recorded that he said the words “It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet.”

Twain did just that and passed away in 1910.

3. Aristotle’s Surprise

Aristotle was an Ancient Greek philosopher famous for his work in psychology and ethics. He has written a few books that are still studied by schools to this day. With a guy so ingrained in intelligent thought, one might think he’d familiarize himself with human anatomy.

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According to Aristotle the Philosopher, women actually had fewer teeth than men.

4. Hitler the Warlock

The world knows Adolf Hitler as the face of the evil Nazi regime. To truly understand him, though, most psychologists delve into the eccentric interests he had aside from dominating the world.

It is not discussed in public school across the United States, but Hitler an obsession with the occult that bordered on insane. A great deal of the Nazi manpower was focused on attempting to gain abilities through magic, use mind control as a weapon, and travel to other universes.

Another fact that isn’t discussed is how he survived a ridiculous 42 recorded assassination attempts. In the end, he ended up taking himself out.

5. Einstein the Celebrity

Albert Einstein was a German scientist who defected from the Nazis. He was part of the Manhattan Project, the scientist collective responsible for the A-bomb.

Einstein was a high profile celebrity during his time and even had to deal with every day stalkers. It’s odd but not unheard of for a man of science to have a few obsessive fans. There had to be a way to deal with these people, right?

Albert Einstein did what any smart man would do and assumed identity. When people came up to him asking if he was the famous German scientist, fans would be given an apology and be told “No, I’m not Albert Einstein. But I get that quite often.”

6. Lincoln’s Epic Words

Abraham Lincoln happens to be one of the most well-known presidents to have ever served. He was noted at the catalyst for ending slavery across the entire United States. He was famous for being both a championship boxer and wrestler.

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One of the weirdest stories tied to the man is that of his ‘lost speech.’ At the Bloomington Convention, Lincoln addressed the issue of slavery with such conviction, every reporter present forgot to write anything down.

Thanks to the awestruck reporters that attended, no transcript of the speech exists.

7. The Invincible Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba for many years before his passing. During his time as the dictator of the island country, the CIA made numerous attempts on his life.

They attempted to take his life over 600 times, some ways involving an exploding cigar or a poisoned wetsuit.

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