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A Self-Taught Designer Built His Studio Under A Bridge

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Credit: Jose Manuel Pedrajas

If you were a child ruled by their imagination, there were likely tons of fantasy games you played with your friends. You and your buddies just grabbed whatever was on hand and made it work for whatever story you were playing out. What if you had the chance to build the dream room you imagined as a kid?

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Finding a place to live is hard and with so many places getting crowded, where is left to settle down and live out your life? Why not try living under a bridge? Yes, it sounds crazy, but one designer from Spain channeled his inner child to build something you wouldn’t expect.

Fernando Abellanas is a self-taught designer who believes that every artist should completely embrace their creative side.

Credit: Jose Manuel Pedrajas

Under an unknown bridge in Spain, Abellanas built an apartment complete with a desk, chair, and a surface to sleep on. At first glance, it seems like something a crazy artist would do. Don’t worry, the apartment does not sit over a road. But the drop to the ground is still substantial.

Fernando wanted to evoke a sense of ‘magic’ that we all experienced as a child when building forts and special rooms to hide in.

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Credit: Jose Manuel Pedrajas

“My work as a designer consists of trying to implement the concerns relating to design, handicrafts and architecture which I come across on a daily basis,” states designer Fernando Abellanas. “I observe, research and develop projects, in a self-taught way, with the only purpose of satisfying my own personal motivation. With the experience I acquired during the years of work I collaborate with artists, interior designers, and architects offering them design and manufacturing solutions. All this I do under the name of Lebrel.”

Lebrel is Fernando’s product and design project. The focus of the project is “highly-functional products with minimalist aesthetics.”

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