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‘Patient Asks If I Can Also Fix Teddy Bear Just Before Being Put Off To Sleep… How Could I Say No?’

Frequent visits to the hospital are never fun for anyone. Having to wake up at odd hours to be admitted or woken up by constant check-ups can wear a person thin. Most adults have a stronger will, but children are not so fortunate sometimes.

Sometimes an additional step is needed to make certain a patient feels comfortable. With the right staff attending a patient, hospital visits can become a source of joy. They may take a liking to a certain Nurse or other medical personnel. They can share jokes and stories about their pets with each other.

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While adults can typically be pleased with the right thing while admitted, children might be a tad more difficult.

Children may not be at first convinced that everything will be okay. They may need exponentially more assurance that things will be okay after a large operation.

But then there are children like Canadian 8-year-old Jackson McKie who just have one request.

Young Jackson was diagnosed with a condition known as hydrocephalus, a condition that causes a build-up of fluids in the brain. When the little boy went into the hospital for a brain tumor removal, he asked his doctor to fix his teddy bear, Little Baby, like he was going to fix Jackson.

After finishing the removal of the brain tumor on the young boy, neurosurgeon Daniel McNeely used the leftover supplies from Mckie’s procedure to ‘fix’ Little Baby.

It was a sweet thing for Dr. McNeely to do, and it was one operation that ended up going viral. He shared in his first ever tweet that Jackson made the request before going under for his operation. It was a request the doctor could not ignore.

People from all over the world have replied to the neurosurgeon’s tweet, sharing with him how sweet the gesture was.

“I just wanted to make a few people smile,” the doctor said about the situation.

Other nurses and doctors should work to follow McNeely’s example of excellent healthcare service.

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