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7 Surprising Items You Should Store In Your Fridge

Refrigerator and freezer made our lives so much easier, and we often take the presence of these cooling systems for granted. But can you imagine how complicated would it be if you had to shop for groceries everyday because they would go rotten after a day or two.

We should all be more grateful for the extended shelf life of foods and drinks that fridges and freezers offer us. But, did you know that your fridge doesn’t only have to be the place to store your food?

Apparently, there are a lot of items that would benefit from being kept in the fridge. You may have heart about some, but other will definitely surprise you.

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Let’s list them all!

1. Cut Flowers

If you happen to have a friend or a relative that works as a florist, you might have already heard about this trick. Cut flowers can’t last a long time.

Of course, it depends on the type of the flower, but anyway the flowers won’t remain equally fresh and gorgeous 4 days after being cut. That’s where your fridge can help.

When you’re preparing for a party, or you want to bring a fresh bouquet of flowers to a wedding or birthday, store your flowers in the fridge and see their gorgeousness be extended for a couple of more days.

2. Candles

Love spending time in your living room and enjoying the comfort of your home while glazing over lighted candles that make your home smell so nice? Then you surely would like your candles to last longer, especially if you invest in those fine-scented candles that smell like heaven.

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In order to extend their lives, keep them in the fridge!

Not only will your favorite candles burn longer, but they will also have fewer drips.

3. Film

Despite the simplicity of using digital cameras, some of us are still very fond of analog photography. The photos seem more natural, spontaneous, and colors really remind us of those old ’90s photos that still bring a smile on your face. However, doing photos in the “old way” comes with a price. Films are quite pricey and are very delicate.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but films actually have an expiry date. If you have piled up on a lot of films, and it doesn’t seem that you will use up all those photos any soon, store your films in the fridge and keep them safer for a longer period of time.

However, remember to let them come to room temperature before you load it in your camera.

PRO TIP: If you really don’t plan to use those films in the next year, freeze them for an extra protection!

4. Clothes With Sticky Stains

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Ever occurred to you to have a chewing gum glued to your favorite T-shirt or jeans? Then you surely know what a hassle it is to remove it completely.

Believe it or not, but your freezer can help you remove it more easily. Instead of putting your clothes in the washing machine and potentially making things worse, put your stained clothes in the freezer.

Leave the item until the stain hardens and scrape it off easily.

5. Sheets And Pillowcases

Before putting your sheets and pillowcases away for laundry, place them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer. Leave the bedding inside overnight, take it out in the morning, let it come to the room temperature and wash it normally.

Storing them in the freezer will kill all the bacteria, potential fleas and bed bugs.

6. Eye Cream

Most beauty products will benefit from being kept in the fridge, but eye cream is a product that will do miracles to your skin if you remember to always keep it cool.

Cool eye creams double their anti-aging and de-puffing capabilities. Plus, a little bit of cold cream will refresh you in the morning. Try this first thing in the morning and thank us later.

7. Aloe

It is a well-known fact that aloe does miracles to sunburns and dry skin. If you ever stayed under the sun for too long, you surely know about the incredible effects of the good old aloe.

Imagine how much better it can get if you apply cold aloe instead of the room temperature one. We’re sure that once you apply different temperatures of aloe on your skin, you will never keep your aloe out of the fridge anymore.

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