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Susan Boyle Finally Explains What Made Her Disappear For Five Long Years

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What an audition it was when Susan Boyle took the stage for the first time. She left everyone in disbelief. Even super-notorious Simon Cowell had nothing wrong to say. He just stood after her performance and started clapping in excitement. The rest of the world react likewise.

The first performance on Britain’s Got Talent was enough to catapult Susan Boyle to fame. She took the world by storm, creating an international fan base, earning money, and booking performances. Then, she disappeared, just as appeared – over the night. That’s not how superstars do their business. They don’t get famous and disappear. Yet, Susan did precisely this. This is what happened to Susan Boyle.

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30. A Really Tough Crowd

In now far 2009, 47-year-old Susan Boyle marched onto Britain’s Got Talent stage and announced her dream. When Simon asked what her dream was, she confidently answered that her dream is to become a professional singer.

At the moment, no one thought that this middle-aged Scottish woman had what’s needed. A long lace dress and tights didn’t help, either. Moreover, everyone chuckled when she said that she would perform “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. The second she opened her mouth, jaws hit the floor.

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29. Reaching Fame

Susan showed the world how powerful her voice is and her performance direct to a standing ovation. At the moment, she had no idea that those few minutes would change her life forever.

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After a long and demanding competition, Susan came in second place. In November 2009, she released her first album, I Dreamed a Dream. As expected, her album hit number one on Billboard charts and became the UK’s fastest-selling debut album.

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28. Finding Fame

While Susan enjoyed her new phase in life, she had one more mission on her mind. She had to work hard on her appearance. Her first appearance was something that people had previously mocked. Now, she was determined to revamp her appearance.

Susan changed her hair and eyebrows first. Then, she started wearing lipstick. At the same time, she continued to build her name in the music business.

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27. Reaching Fame

In a short period of only ten years, Susan did something that was unthinkable just a few years ago – she was an international star. Moreover, in that period, her net worth was astonishing $40 million.

During this period, she even won three Guinness World records. Susan also performed for global leaders.

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26. Performing For Global Leaders

Susan’s powerful voice couldn’t go unnoticed. Therefore, the world’s most significant people invited her to perform for them.

So, she performed for the Pope, President Obama, and even the Queen. This was a huge milestone in her career. Moreover, this was huge for someone who went through such horrible things in the past.

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25. Tragedy In The Family

Susan was so unusual compared to other contestants on Britain’s Got Talent. Firstly, she was significantly older than the rest of the contestants. Secondly, she lived a more lonely life than the rest of the contestants.

Just before her first audition, the famous singer lost her father and sister. At the time, she was living at home as her mother’s primary caretaker. On top of that, she almost had no friends.

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24. The Final Goodbye

Susan spent the majority of her days taking care of her mother. Sadly, her mother passed away in 2007, and it was a huge hit for this famous singers.

Even Susan said that at this moment, her whole world was flipped upside down. Moreover, she said that a part of her died that day. Now, being all alone, Susan had another problem to deal with.

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23. Financial Struggles

Just before she hit the first audition, Susan had big financial problems. She had no job, so she couldn’t even pay her gas and electric bills. He was in real danger of losing her family house.

However, Susan was on the path of creating her own Cinderella story. Once her career took off, she was hoping that the day of trouble is behind her. However, that was far from the truth.

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22. Threatened By A Family Member

As her career grew, Susan become overwhelmed by stress and excitement. These feelings are normal, with such a massive life change. Somewhere along the way, her brother Gerry caught her off guard when he asked her for $60,000. Although she was in shock, she refused to hand him over the money.

Then, he threatened that we would take his own life. So, Boyle’s nephew and older sister jumped in and went public about this situation. It seemed like the only way to stop Gerry.

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21. Public Affair

This moment was the start of the two-year-long battle between Susan and her brother, Gerry. As expected, they didn’t speak to one another during this period. The time would tell that things would only get worse from here.

These two years were so intense for Susan that its stress resulted in the most unexpected way. Susan had a very public meltdown that none saw coming.

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20. Unexpected Public Meltdown

In April 2016, Boyle had a very public meltdown at Heathrow Airport in London. The meltdown was so bad that eight officers were called to the scene.

The reason? Susan was involved in a bitter altercation with a staff member from the British Airways lounge. According to one witness, everything started with a small thing. The witness also stated that Susan was all over the place. In the midst of her meltdown, Susan did something unexpected.

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19. Fixing Broken Relationship

Susan called her brother and left him a rather distressing voicemail. This move was shocking, but what followed was unexpected. After hearing his sister’s message, he felt scared for her. So, he invited her to his home.

At Gerry’s home, she met his grandson Alfie. She became smitten by the young boy. Susan started talking about the possibility of wanting to adopt her own in the future. She could provide the child with a luxurious life, but she chooses to maintain a simpler life.

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18. “The Posh House”

Susan has shown many times that she loves to keep life simple. She calls her home ‘the posh house,’ although, in reality, she paid for it only £350,000. The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, but it has electronic gates for heightened security.

Her home is located only twenty miles west of the Scottish capital in Blackburn, West Lothian hometown. She lived there only for a few months and gifted it to her niece. She said that the house was to nice for her. Then she made this radical decision.

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17. Back To The Council House

Boyle realized that her ‘posh house’ is not for her and that she needs something else. So, after a few months, she returned to her parent’s house.

She felt her mother’s presence there, and it helped her preserve their memories. However, soon enough, Susan will learn that she wasn’t as safe as she thought.

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16. Discovering An Intruder

In January 2010, Simon Cowell, organized the Helping Haiti single, after the devastating earthquake. Naturally, Susan was invited to participate. She was working on single together with Cheryl Cole, James Blunt, and Mariah Carey.

Upon her arrival, she was horrified to find burglars half-way up her staircase. A teenage boy entered her property. Luckily, Susan was with a friend at the time. However, this wasn’t the only issue.

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15. A Victim Of Bullying

Although Susan loved her old home, she nad some problems with local teenagers. They attempt to rob her, burglarize her home, and often bullied her.

Being bullied wasn’t the only thing tough part of growing up

Boyle went public with this and shared how they address mean things to her, throw stones at her, and toss paper at her. This was extremely difficult for Boyle now because she went through bullying in her childhood.

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14. Having A Label

Susan had spent the majority of her life feeling like an outcast. During her youth, she was a victim of often bullying, mood swings, and severe depression.

She also experienced social anxiety. She was very smart, but during her youth, it was discovered that she had brain damage.

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13. The Long-Awaited Diagnosis

It was discovered that her brain damage is actually related to her birth condition. Her brain went through stress after not receiving enough oxygen at birth.

Because of her condition, different labels were upon her. At age 52, Susan finally comes to understand just how unfair it all was.

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12. The Long-Awaited Diagnosis

In 2013, at 52 years old, Susan decided to learn some things about her health. So, she asked for help from a specialist. She wanted to know more about her brain damage.

First, the specialist performed an IQ test an determined that Susan was, in fact, above average. However, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. For Boyle, this was both a relief and a new hardship.

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11. “King Kong’s Mother”

In an interview in 2014, Boyle openly talked about her life with Asperger’s. Moreover, she talked about how her sudden emotional outbursts affected her life. At one moment, she shared that one moment she would cry and next swear.

According to her, she acted like “King Kong’s mother.” She also added, “I’m the only artist who needs a leash!” However, there was one place that helps Susan overcome her disease and win her fears.

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10. Loving The Stage

Susan shared with the world that her safe place is a stage. She feels the best while performing. Moreover, at the stage, she is feeling accepted.

Although she loves the spotlight, one day, she completely disappeared from social media. In 2013, she disappeared completely for the next five years.

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9. Taking Time Off To Grow

After being absent for five years, Susan announced on her Instagram that she is finally coming back. Fans went crazy, but they still wanted to know where she went.

The famous singer discovered that she took time off to grow. She explained that she wanted to take a break from the media and international tours to ‘grow up.’ This may sound unusual for a 57-year-old woman, but given her sudden rise and her diagnosis, it made sense.

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8. Impressive Weight Loss

Susan discovered that she is diagnosed with Type II diabetes. She had to perform massive life changes. One of the first things that she did was losing weight.

She lost almost 30 pounds. However, while she was losing weight, she was gaining something else.

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7. Susan’s First Boyfriend

In 2009, Susan told the cameras that she was unemployed, lived alone with her cat, and had never been kissed. The last thing changed because she got herself a boyfriend at the age of 53. She was on a six-week tour around the States when she met an American doctor.

They met at her Florida hotel, and according to Susan, he is a perfect gentleman. But as time would tell, dating someone with Asperger’s has some obstacles.

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6. Short-Lived Relationship

Sadly, Susan and her partner, a doctor, had a short relationship. Susan explained that dating someone with Asperger’s can be difficult because she needs to learn to ‘let people in.’

In an interview in 2018, Boyle discovered that her biggest fear is to live alone and unmarried life. Yet, there is hope, because she shared her vision for an ideal partner.

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5. Susan’s Perfect Man

In her manner, Susan described that her perfect man would have Piers Morgan’s sense of humor, Simon Cowell’s good looks, and Donny Osmond’s voice. She also said that she “would have married Piers, but someone else got there first.”

Regarding Simon, Susan shared that is not bad, but rather a real pussycat. She added that she couldn’t wait to show Simon ”new and improved Susan.”

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4. Staying Relevant

It seems that Susan is all grown up. Since her big come back, she shows no signs of slowing down. Moreover, she often says how she isn’t planning to leave the stage anytime soon.

After so many years, she is confident to rule the stage once more. Furthermore, she has massive plans for her career.

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3. Competing Once More

After Britain’s Got Talent, Susan decided to conquer the States. So, she competed in America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

This was her very first television performance since her big and breakout audition in 2009.

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2. Winning A Crown… Almost

Susan had a good run in America’s Got Talent: The Champions. She made it to the finale but ended up being eliminated. However, this didn’t stop her.

She had planned to compete again in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, but she had to withdraw due to a packed schedule. After all, she had a massive project happening already.

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1. Her Latest Album

The year 2019 was a big year for Susan. On May 31, 2019, Susan released her latest album, TEN. This album came after a full decade after her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream, was released.

She also had a major tour. In addition, she promised that her album would “nothing you’ve seen before.”

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