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School Expels Teen Over Outfit, Regrets It When They See Who Dad Is

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Demetra Alarcon’s dad was surprised to receive a call from his daughter’s school. He actually stood in silence when he realized that he’s talking with the principal of his daughter’s school.

The principal explained the purpose of his call and he couldn’t believe it. The reason behind this call left him speechless. He simply couldn’t believe his ears. But at that moment, he knew that he had to do something about it. Read on to discover who Demetra’s father is, and how he reacted.

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30. Just An Ordinary Day

Tony Alarcon started that day like any other. He got up, had breakfast, dropped his daughter to school, kissed her and went to work.

So, nothing unusual about that hot day, except that the summer was really kicking in, and it was 90 degrees when it was time to drop his daughter off.

29. Raymond J. Fisher

Since it was really hot, Tony’s daughter Demetra, chose to wear an outfit for the hot weather.

Since Raymond J. Fisher, the middle school had no uniform requirements, students were allowed to wear everyday clothes to school. But, there are some rules on what’s allowed and what’s not.

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28. Watchful Dad

During the working hours, Tony Alarcon is a successful real estate agent and investment banker.

In his free time, Tony is a protective dad, always ready to fights injustice, especially when it comes to protecting his loved daughter Demetra.

27. But… Can Protective Dad Be Over Protective?

That questionable day, Demetra felt as if her world started smashing. Moreover, she felt so ashamed for being singled out in class.

The truth is that she wasn’t the first girl to put in front of the class, but it didn’t make it any less scary. She couldn’t understand what was the buzz about.

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26. The Inappropriate Outfit

That day Demetra choose to wear blue romper because she couldn’t fight the hot weather otherwise. At the time she had no idea that a simple outfit will make such a fuzz.

As far as she was concerned her outfit was fine. She also knew that it was inappropriate her dad would say so.

25. School Dress Code

According to many, school dress codes went too far. It’s not strange for girls to get in trouble for not wearing something or for wearing too much.

Often students miss their lessons. Why? To have their hemlines measured. Did Demetra go through the same practice?

24. The Beginning Of A Huge Battle

That day Demetra wanted to wear something that will keep her cool and comfortable during the hot day in California.

She never expected that her outfit would result in a real battle between the school and her father.

23. Teacher Involves The Principal

Demetra’s choice of outfit become a hot topic. And when the media kicked in Demetra became a national sensation.

Demetra’s teacher in her first period pointed out that her outfit is not appropriate, so he told her to go to the principal’s office. After seeing Demetra, the principal picked up the phone and called her dad. If he missed this call, it would save him a lot of trouble.

22. Dad Had To Made A Decision

The principal put an ultimatum to Demetra’s dad: either he brings her new outfit or he comes to pick her up and take home.

Tony couldn’t believe what he’s hearing. But for the greater good, he told the principal that he will bring her a more appropriate outfit. What he picked shocked the school even more.

21. Another Outfit

Tony went through Demetra’s drawers and found what he believed was appropriate, a pair of denim shorts and a plain tank top.

He went to school, and as soon as Demetra changed she went to the principal’s office. The principal said that it was still inappropriate. At this moment, Tony knew that the battle is on.

20. The Battle Was Just Beggining

Tony just couldn’t get his grip around this situation. So, he asked the administration to explain to him what was wrong with this outfit.

He even made Demetra bend down, so they can prove to them that everything was covered. He knew that he needs to get to the bottom of this.

19. So… What Was The Problem?

He just knew that there is much more to this situation that they are not telling him too.

Actually, Tony had some suspicions, but he really hoped that they are not the reason why they singled Demetra out. But, his fears come true.

18. Lenght Or The Modesty

Administration told Tony that the problem was with the length of the shorts and romper. However, he knew there was more.

But they insisted on their ‘fingertips’ test. For the fingertip test, the pupil must place her arms on her sides firmly and if her pants are above her fingertips then it’s too short. Demetra did it and hers was just barely above. Tony was not going to accept this.

17. The Truth Was Finally Out

So, when Tony confronted the administration about fingertips test, they told him that the real reason Demetra was singled out wasn’t due to her outfit, but because of the boys in her class.

Tony couldn’t believe his ears. Demetra was seen as a distraction for boys in the class. Say that again?!

16. Tony Was Ready For Action

Tony couldn’t believe his ears. Now, once he knew why Demetra was singled out, he was ready to fight.

As Demetra stood next to him crying, he knew that this was something that he can’t easily let go. The battle was on!

15. One Last Chance

There was one last ultimatum in front of Tony and Demetra. She either covers her legs with leggings or she can go home.

Demetra pointed out there is a no-hats-in-class rule, but they wear them, and nothing is done about it. Tony saw this as unfair discrimination.

14. Different Rules For Boys And Girls

Even Tony noticed on the parking lot that numerous pupils don’t follow the school’s rules. So, why should girls suffer during the hot summer days?

According to school, Demetra and other girls had to suffer because of boys. So, Tony decided to test his theory and asked Demetra’s friends what they think about the dress code rules. And they had a lot to say!

13. It Was Time To Call Media

Demetra’s friends agreed that rules are discriminatory and make them suffer during the warm days. After talking with them Tony was sure that this is a long-lasting problem and something had to be done.

Therefore, the next step was calling in the media representatives for a long talk. He wanted the world to know that his daughter and her friends are humiliated. In no time he was the biggest news on Today and other local channels.

12. Parents’ Decision

When the media asked Tony what could be a solution to the current dress code situation, he said that it should up to parents. They should know what is appropriate for their child to wear or not.

He also proposed that some changes can be made. He had no idea that is just scratching the bigger issues.

11. Cracking A Bigger Issue

People mostly supported Tony in his quest to protect girls and changing dress code rules.

On the other hand many believe that if kids were allowed to wear whatever they want to, it would create chaos in the school system.

10. Another Girl

Demetra’s case was not isolated. A girl named Clare went through a similar situation.

She was heading on the prom night together with her boyfriend, and she was almost expelled because her skirt was just on the top of fingertips. Then she had a real shock.

9. Appearances Can Be Deceiving

When it was time to dance, Clare noticed that the number of chaperones was unusually high. Moreover, it was awkward seeing so many dads gawking down at the girls from the balcony.

Naturally, girls felt uncomfortable. Once the dance started, Clare was again singled out. As she learned, she had to be removed from the dancefloor. The reason was shocking.

8. Getting Called Out Again

Clare was informed that some dad chaperone was complaining that she was dancing too provocatively. Therefore, that would cause the boys to have corrupt thoughts.

Also, chaperons though that her outfit says ‘she was asking for it’. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. After all, she couldn’t control the thought or actions of the male students or any person.

7. United We Stand

At this moment Clare and her friends were so tired of being responsible for other’s people actions and thoughts. So, they decided to make a stand!

They said that if the school forbids Clare to stay at the prom night, they will leave the party and ask for their refund. This move would destroy the school’s budget.

6. The Prom Night Was Over

Clare and everyone who supported her had to leave the prom. She couldn’t believe it. She waited this day for years, and now she is being escorted as a criminal.

Clare was also the only one who got her prom night money back. She felt cheated, disappointed and angry. So, she decided to share her story with the world.

5. A Chain Reaction

Since that prom night, people decided to share their opinion on what happened to her. So, they went to the Richmond Homeschool Prom page on Facebook and shared their opinion. Moreover, they shared their disapproval.

The school had to say one thing to defend its self. Although Clare’s dress meets their requirement it was constantly going up while she was dancing. However, she missed saying that dads watched Clare that night.

4. An Even Bigger Issue

One of the students reported that they saw Clare griding but still believes that the issue could be handled better by both parties.

It turns out that students are not happy with how things are being handled within the school nowadays.

3. Dress Codes Is A Big Issue

Emma Stein was a freshman at Evanston Township High School when she was cited for violating school’s dress code. She was told that her dress was too short. She was forced to wear sweatpants for the rest of the day. At that moment, she knew that the ancient rules must change.

In 2016 numerous protest were held against strict dress code policies. One school even updated their dress code policy.

2. The New Policy

The Principal of the Evanston Township High School said: “We needed to look at getting a new dress code, and we wanted to make sure it was body-positive and didn’t marginalize students.”

Moreover, students loved that they have been heard, and they love that they were the change.

1. A Role Model For Others

Many schools still have the outdated dress code policy, but it seems that the change is happening. Slow, but it’s happening.

More school administrators are taking the time to research alternatives. After all, the focus should be on young people getting the right education and focusing on that, rather than on what to wear.

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