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Despite Heavy Winds Teenagers Survives 49 Days At Sea In a ‘Fishing Hut’

EPA/Indonesian Consulate General Osaka

Aldi Novel Adilang, an Indonesian 18-year-old teenager, spent more than a month and a half at sea all alone.

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He was in charge of lighting the lamps that are used to attract fish into a fish trap. The particular type of vessel this teenager was standing in, known as rompong, was about 75 miles away from the coast.

Aldi was anchored to the ground with a long rope only until the rope snapped from the strong winds that whipt the hut away into the horizon. The teenager and his small vessel floated deeper into the ocean.

The scenes recall Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away” main role where he was surviving both on an island and a hand-made boat.

Aldi ran out of supplies quickly but managed to keep himself alive by cooking fish on his boat, sucking water from his clothes (reportedly the materials filtered out some salt). He was even capable of crafting a shower out of bamboo.

This Indonesian teenager ended up near Guam, thousands of kilometers away, only to be picked up by a Panamanian vessel 49 days since his fishing hut floated to the deep sea. Fortunately, he is safe now and got a permission to enter Japan “due to a disaster”.

The Indonesian teenager wanted to surrender

He saw more than 10 ships during his survival days sailing past him, but none of them stopped or saw Aldi. The teenager was scared and often cried. Aldi told local news that he even contemplated drowning himself at times of despair, but luckily found comfort in praying and reading his Bible.

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On August 31st he saw a bulk carrier sailing near him and finally, he managed to get the attention of the captain by using a radio to signal the ship. The crew welcomed Aldi with food, clothes and even a haircut. Earlier this month, this brave teenager returned safely to his frightened parents.

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