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A Tweet Inspires Elon Musk To Start Thinking About Safe Dog Mode In Cars

Most people with pets are always looking out for their furry companions. Sometimes time constraints may stop a person from going home to drop off their dog or cat, and leave them in the car while they shop or conduct business. Even after a short time with open windows, a car might get too hot.

Not many animal lovers know how much the heat multiplies when a car sits in the sun. On a day where it is 75 degrees outside with a sunny sky, the inside of a vehicle can get to 95 degrees. This lack of knowledge leads to the unfortunate deaths of a great deal of animals.

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Electric cars have been known to have lower inside temperatures under the sun but do not completely ensure the animal’s safety.

Twitter user @nynex asked Elon Musk, owner of Tesla if the Tesla 3 could come with something he referred to as ‘dog mode.’ This mode would keep the a/c running, have music playing, and display the temperature inside the car so people passing by can see animals are okay.

A tweet storm continued to hit Elon Musk suggesting features to add to the new ‘dog mode’ with many of the ideas receiving very positive responses, despite the one or two-word answers he gave.

Many of the suggestions that the Tesla CEO receives are mostly from people who have a Tesla model car themselves. He has been taking and considering many ideas from users on Twitter.

Tesla first released a safety feature called Cabin Overheat Protect back in 2016 for its v8 and released this statement describing it:
“In an industry-first safety measure, we’re also introducing Cabin Overheat Protect, focused on child (and pet) safety. This feature keeps the car at a safe temperature for hours, even when the car is off. This feature is only made possible by an electric vehicle with Tesla’s uniquely large battery packs.”

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