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The Halloween Asteroid Will Fly Past Us Again This Weekend

Halloween skull-shaped asteroid (PA)

Over the last few years, humanity has had quite a few scares come close to Earth from outer space. While we have the technology to track objects hurdling through the black abyss, we have yet to develop machines to guarantee our safety from extraterrestrial rocks.

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NASA, or National Aeronautics and Space Administration, recently released a statement about a group of asteroids they have been tracking. These three large rocks are set to travel past Earth this coming weekend.

The three objects have been designated as follows: Asteroid 2018 VS1, the largest of the three rocks. Because the third will pass at a distance of about 3.2 million miles away, it is not really much of a concern and probably why it doesn’t have a name.

VS1, the first one identified will be flying past us at a distance of 861,700 miles. If you want to try and catch the flyby with your own telescope, look up to the sky around 2:03 pm on Saturday.

The third asteroid, VX1, will pass by about four hours after the first at 6:21 pm on the same day. When it goes past Earth, it will be at a distance of 237,037 miles. If you didn’t already know, that is 1,000 miles closer than the moon is to the planet Earth.

In astronomy terms, the distance VX1 will be at is ‘dangerously close.’ In human terms, it’s still pretty far away.

Even scarier than that is a space rock designated 2015 TB145, with the shape of a skull that passed our planet on October 31st, 2015. It was determined to be a dead comet killed by our Sun. It was measured up to 2300ft wide.

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While comets are usually ice and rock, asteroids are typical rock or metal.

Will you be looking up to the sky for our fly-by visitors?

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