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Theories Behind Déjà vu

Have you ever experienced a situation that felt like it already happened? No one has a definitive explanation for why they even happen. These impressions we sometimes get are known as Déjà vu. Between men and women, it’s so common that two out of three people have experienced it at one time or another.

In those people that do experience it, it occurs at least once every calendar year. How often it occurs varies by age. Since there are explanations both scientific and metaphysical, we’ll take time to go through both.

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1. According to Science

Have you ever walked into a room or visited a new place and felt as if you’ve already been there? Did you prepare for a situation feeling like you knew what the future held? French for “already seen,” there are actually two variations according to Swiss scholar Arthur Funkhouser.

There is both déjà visite (“already visited”) and déjà vecu (“already experienced or lived through”). It occurs most commonly in those ranging in age from 15 to 25 years old.

Déjà vu has been linked to temporal-lobe seizures in those with temporal-lobe epilepsy and often occur just before someone has an episode. As researchers have linked the events to seizures in certain individuals, it has led many to believe that even those without epilepsy may be experiencing some sort of “mini seizure.” A little alarming if you’ve experienced it before like I have.

2. Parapsychology

There is another division of psychology that deals with the metaphysical aspects of the brain, such as “past-life regression” or “guided astral projection.” According to parapsychology, when one has a Déjà vu event, it is possibly an impression received from a past life.

Because the brain can falsify memory so well, it is easy to dismiss this theory on the ground that there isn’t a way to verify a cited memory or dream.

Others might say that Déjà vu is giving a person a glimpse into the future, in much the same way precognitive dreams do. The majority of the time event occurs without any correlation to such dreaming.

When a professional psychic was asked what the difference was between a sense of Déjà vu and a precognitive dream was a “difference in energies.”

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3. Religion

Religion, in general, tends to have a different take on everything, especially with the thousand and more that exist. In one of the Christian bible’s verses, it states “what has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done.” According to this particular verse, Déjà vu is a glimpse into a part of our own life, be it past, present or future. Another part of the verse goes on to say that these events we glimpse have been set in stone. Does that mean we are observing events on the road to meet our destiny?

The Vedas, holy text of the Hinduism religion says that we’ve had millions of births over the eons, but have no memories of such things.

But when you ‘return’ to Hinduism, you are simply picking up where you left off last. Many other religions such as Buddhism and Shintoism refer to this as the ‘reincarnation cycle.’

4. Parallel Universe Theory

Here is one possibility that begins to lean into the realm of science fiction. Note that this is a ‘theory’ and not simply a hypothesis, meaning many researchers support the idea. Regardless, adopt a suspension of disbelief for this one.

Those who believe in the idea that there are other universes with earth exactly like our own suggest that Déjà vu is what a person experiences when their mind crosses over into those other Earths.

Consider the last time you looked at your own face in the mirror. Did it feel like there was another person looking at you through the other side of the glass? Whenever the feeling hits you, another you might be doing the exact same thing at the time. Think of it as an ‘alignment’ of your universes.

5. A ‘Glitch’ in Reality

Another one that falls into science fiction, you might believe in parallel universes more than this one. This is based on Einstein’s idea that time was man-made as a way to bring structure and order.

If what Einstein postulated is true, we are simultaneously experiencing our past, present, and future. This also means that any experience of Déjà vu may actually be slowly damaging what holds our reality together. Hopping on the back of the idea that Déjà vu can cause tears, in reality, many also suggest these can open bridges into other realities, where some believe UFOs originate.

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What’s your take on the subject? Can science explain it or it something more ‘out there?’

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