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Things You Should Never Keep In Your Bedroom

Many of us often pride ourselves on the efficiency of our lives, thanks to either the way our house is laid out or the way we structure our schedules. But there are things that can screw with our sleep quality and overall energy levels.

There’s almost no focus on keeping the bedroom in ‘working order,’ since most guests never see the bedrooms. Restore order to your bedroom by keeping the following list of things out of it:

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1. Technological Devices

A great deal of people ‘suffer’ from what psychologists have dubbed “FOMO” or the fear of missing out. While it’s nice to stay updated on national weather, political, and social news, it’s more important to keep any screens from entering your room.

The majority of technology with lit screens emits a powerful blue light that when seen by our eyes, can mess with our sleep patterns causing irregularities in how often one sleeps and their mood the next morning.

Don’t forget to give yourself at least an hour of downtime after using your device. If you must absolutely have your cellphone in your room, then use the night mode setting substantially negating the effects of the blue light.

2. Bills and Other Paperwork

Bills are already stressful enough to look at, so why would you think to litter the floor and dresser with current statements? The bedroom is intended as a place to relax, rest, and enjoy your time away from the general buzz of our connected world.

Having your work computer sitting in the same space as your mattress is a good way to increase your stress. Besides, who wants to look at the words “past due” in large red letters?

3. Items Under the Bed

When your bed has side panels that cover its legs, there isn’t as much of a problem. You might be tempting fate if you decide to get a bed frame with drawers in it. Nobody wants to give uninvited guests a place to stay.

If the legs of your bed are exposed, chances are you have thrown dozens of things under the bed. You should probably start cleaning up the mess under the bed to keep any rodents from deciding to take residence under it.

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4. Bedside Table Clutter

It has become pretty common to have a bedside table, for our glasses, clock radios, and sometimes figurines. If your hair is long enough, you might have two or three hairbands sitting with the other items.

Do not much up your table with items you won’t be needing that night. Ask yourself if you’ll really need your phone there when the clock radio works fine. If you own a tablet or e-reader, put them away in the drawers of your bedside table after turning them off.

5. Piles of Clothes

When most hours of the day are spent working, there isn’t much time or energy to do other things when you arrive home. Nobody wants to work more after a strenuous day at the office.

If you are not planning on wearing your day’s outfit tomorrow, toss it in the hamper near the washer and dryer. There’s no need to pile up your clothing onto a bookcase or chair. You’ll just wake up to something else that triggers stress the moment you set eyes on it.

The most clothing you should hang on a nearby chair is your house robe.

6. Dirty Dishes

More so that piles of clothing, you should absolutely avoid keeping any dirty dishes in your bedroom. Not only is it unsanitary, but you’ll be inviting rats, mice, and even the disease-carrying insects known as cockroaches.

You’ll also be struggling to get rid of the terrible smells if you lose track of any small scraps of food.

As a teenager, I knew all too well the nightmare that resulted in forgetting food and dirty dishes in my bedroom. Mice continued to take up residence in the walls, and as far as I know, never left that house.

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7. Unwanted Products and Cosmetics

We all have a favorite hair gel or mousse and deodorant or makeup palette that stays in our room. Take a look at everything you have in your room. If you have cosmetics that haven’t been touched in a while, look at the expiration date and either put them away in a bin or toss them.

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