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Things You Didn’t Know About Teeth

They are one of the most important parts of our body. Without them, eating would be extremely difficult. And it is important that we make sure they are always in the best of health. We use them to break down our food enough so we can swallow it: our teeth.

Sure, they help us slowly break down food but there is more to them than what we’re taught in school. Unless you’re a dentist, here’s a few interesting facts you may not know about teeth:

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1. Stress Affects Your Teeth

When it comes to stress, our body is affected in many different ways. Some stress may start causing small bits of hair to fall out, while at other times it may cause a lack of ability to fall asleep.

Too much stress can harm your teeth in a painful way. Have you ever woken up with a sore jaw and teeth that felt like someone was pulling at them all night? You might actually be grinding your teeth during the twilight hours. And too much of that can cause your teeth to become worn and cracked.

One of the best things you can do to deal with the problem? Get a mouth guard to wear while you sleep. And try to reduce the daily stress in your life to give your chompers some relief from being pressed together so hard.

2. Unique

Even if you are not the least bit related to someone, you might share enough features that a stranger might mistake you both for a family. When it comes to things like fingerprints, no two sets are anything alike.

The same goes for those pearly whites we call teeth. The way your teeth leave an imprint in food, objects, or flesh is a trait unique to the ivories in your mouth. That is why law enforcement can sometimes determine the culprit of a crime or identify remains.

Just like fingerprints, if you are a twin then both your fingerprints AND ‘dental impressions’ are completely unique. Surprisingly, the same goes for your tongue as well. Isn’t it crazy that we all have a ‘tongue print’?

3. Enamel is Crazy Strong

As humans, there is not a whole lot of our body that can withstand constant and grueling use. But if there’s one substance the human body produces that might be considered ‘super,’ it is the outer coating known as enamel.

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Like the rest of our skeletal structure, our teeth are made of calcium and phosphate. Thanks to the chemical process that forms it, though, enamel is substantially stronger.

It isn’t just stronger than our bones but is also considered the sturdiest substance inside of us. So strong, in fact, that scientists are studying the stress cracks that form during chewing in order to create longer-lasting spacecraft.

4. Famous Teeth are Expensive

Sure, we’re always using them to eat and smile but what if we’re the type to collect famous peoples’ things? Things that include guitars, books, perhaps a shirt, and maybe a lock of hair.

If you think paying a lot for someone’s hair is odd, you might find it weirder that a tooth that once sat in John Lennon’s mouth fetched upwards of $31,000 at a 2011 auction.

The tooth of Sir Isaac Newton sold at auction in 1816 for what today would be $35,700. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

5. Straight Isn’t That Great

For a majority of the world, it is straight teeth that are considered aesthetically pleasing. The smile where all teeth just seem to line up is promoted by toothpaste companies like the one that we should all have.

Some places have a completely different perspective on what a good smile is. For example, in the country of Japan, some individuals will go through a cosmetic procedure to get crooked teeth to hide that straight smile.

There is also a tribe on an island south of Japan that believes women with pointed teeth are the most attractive. To get this attractive set of teeth, crude tools will be used to sharpen the teeth. No anesthetic is administered and she is given nothing more than a banana leaf to chew on after the “procedure” has been completed.

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Unless you’re rich, the teeth you have in your mouth now are the only ones you are ever going to have. So make sure to exercise proper dental hygiene by brushing and flossing every day.

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