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Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

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Airplanes are statistically one of the safest ways to travel anywhere. People use it to get from their current locations to the destinations of their dreams. Anyone who flies frequently is aware of essential safety rules, flight attendants reminding travelers of these before each flight.

It’s important that everyone follow an established set of guidelines, but there are a few unofficial rules that every airplane passenger might want to follow. Here are a couple of things you should totally avoid ever doing on an airplane:

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1. Stay Glued to The Seat The Entire Flight

Doctors already recommend that people don’t sit for hours at a time at home. The same should be said of airplane passengers, who may end up sitting for up to 9 or 10 hours at a time.

Not moving from your seat will only serve to increase the chances you develop DVT or deep vein thrombosis. This can be remedied by taking small walks along the aisle to the bathroom, or by moving in your seat.

If you already suffer from a condition such as DVT, compression socks can help promote blood flow.

2. Skip Moisturizing

When your skin gets too dry, it can begin to crack and feel uncomfortable. If your skin is already prone to such things, flying may exacerbate the problem. To solve this problem, carry a small bottle of moisturizer up with and apply as needed to keep your skin healthy.

Keep in mind the sun rays shooting through the airplane windows, and consider carrying a light sunblock to help protect you.

3. Guzzle Fizzy Drinks

When you consider the change in pressure, it is understandable this would be one of the unofficial rules. It is normal for your ears to make a pooping noise up takeoff and landing. That same feeling in your ears can be felt in your body, the change in altitude and pressure expanding bodily gases.

Turn down that special champagne and stick with water till you are on the ground again. That soda may sound delicious, but you’ll want to avoid that as well.

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4. Overdo it With Alcohol

Individuals who have nerve-racking anxiety over the possibility of flying may turn to alcohol as a way to cope. Therein lies the problem with such a decision.
On one hand, it may make the situation easier to deal with, but on the other, it will exponentially increase the effects of alcohol. To put it simply, you’ll feel twice as drunk after has as much alcohol.

5. Take Your Socks Off

You might be going to sleep or looking to simply get a little more comfortable. That leads you to removing your shoes, and you contemplate removing your socks as well. Is that really the wisest decision, though?

The biggest reason you should keep your socks on is the potential rudeness factor. No one on airplane wants to see bare feet poking up from the side of their chair. Aside from that, you’re risking infecting yourself with germs from wherever the aircraft has been.

6. Drink Tea or Coffee

Both tea and coffee require water as their base. A nice warm tea or a perky cup of coffee is wonderful, but the water used on airplanes is typically tap water. Airplanes are notorious for their water-borne germs.

If you want virtually eliminate that germ risk, resort to canned or bottled drinks.

7. Fall Asleep When It’s Morning at Your Destination

When you travel, it is important to acclimate to the timezone your destination is situated in. Stay up during the morning hours and avoid taking any naps. You can prep yourself for a destination’s time zone by either getting up much earlier or staying up a little later.

8. Eat Food That’s Touched Your Tray Table

Most eating spaces are cleaned regularly after each use and you would think the same applies to airplanes. That is unfortunately not how things are. One survey measured an average of 2,155 units of bacteria per square inch on tray tables.

The next time you’re on a flight and food hits your tray, you’ll probably think twice about putting that food near your mouth.

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9. Try Out New Sleep Medicine

Everyone who flies regularly has considered taking pills before stepping into the aircraft. The problem with taking pills is when it’s new, there’s no guarantee its low-level side effects won’t be multiplied by altitude or some other factor.

Avoid trying any new medicine before flying and save yourself the trouble.

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