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You Can Observe Dramatic Water Eruptions At Thor’s Well In Yachats, Oregon

Nature has produced plenty of natural landmarks and wonders. Half-Dome, in the U.S. Yosemite National Park, was supposedly created by an iceberg splitting the massive stone. The geysers at Yellowstone were produced with the help of magma just below the Earth’s surface. So, is Thor’s Well natural or is it possibly a ‘gateway to hell’?

Thor’s Well is an interesting structure located in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, on the Oregon Coast, three miles south of Yachats. While it’s been referred to as a “gaping sinkhole,” the mystery of it is easily explained.

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Gary Hayes, of Explorer Coast Magazine, says “formations like Thor’s Well are typically formed over long periods of time geologically. They begin as a sea cave and eventually the top of the cave collapses, leaving an opening where the tide surges from below send water shooting upward with dramatic force.”

At high tide, Thor’s Well seems to drain and fill endlessly. But when you observe the formation during low tide, you get to see the ebb and flow of the ocean through the opening in the top.

The formation isn’t as dangerous as the “sneaker waves” that erupt around it. Sneaker waves are rogue waves that have been known to drag people out to sea, and field ranger Vicki Penwell says it’s ‘sneakers’ that people should really worry about.

So far, there have only been three incidents where individual knocked over by a sneaker wave suffered some scrapes and bruises.

Tourists can be seen flocking to Thor’s Well on summer afternoons staring into the formation as if it will share secrets. Photographers can be seen during high tide, risking a watery grave to get a shot of Thor’s Well active at that time of day.

Are you daring enough to tempt fate and stare into Thor’s Well at high tide?

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